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  1. I thank you for your time. I do disagree with your observation, interpretation and application of the CRL requirements about tube stripes. This helmet was make by AM's own master builder Eric Dyck. He's pretty good... and I like it just the way it is. Is it perfect? No. But I do believe it meets the CRL requirements for EIB as is. I believe the supplemental photos in better light addresses the fact that the stripes are matched as per Joseph's original concern is his comment. "The tube stripes on your left side should better match the ones on your right. The left side seems to be arching down in the back. " If we can proceed no further due to this, even though Joseph's original comment was "Not the biggest of deals, as many things on ANH TKs were a bit wonky" then my tube stripes and I withdrawal my request to join the ranks of the Expert Infantry. Once again, I thank you and everyone else who spent their time looking at this for their time. Robert TK 42191
  2. Here's another picture of the left side, i think the photo originally submitted on the left side had a shadow or something. Please reconsider the new photo of the left side. Also included another of the right side. Hope these will meet requirements. Thanks
  3. Name: Robert Harlan Username: rharlan91 TK-42191 Old Line Garrison Armor Maker = AM Helmet Maker = AM Blaster Type = Praetorian E-11 Height = 5'8 Weight = 165 Boot Maker = TK Boots Canvas Belt = TrooperBay Hand Plates = AM Electronics = TRamp, Trooper Tronix fans Neck Seal Type = Darman Holster Maker = Trooperbay
  4. Thanks Swede! One less mod I need to do I appreciate your time Trooper, Robert
  5. Hello all, Getting ready to submit for EIB, and was getting ready to retro-fit my TD for panhead screws and I noticed this. "Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip). Dome top screws are ok? Is this new? My memory thinks it was always panhead only... Thanks for your time Troopers Robert TK 42191
  6. Will the stock button plates on my AM armor pass for EIB? Here's a snapshot of them. It was suggested recently by a friend that they would not, but I dont see anything in the CRL for EIB, just Basic and Centurion.. Thanks for your time.
  7. Saw his link, wasn't sure if it was still active. I'll message him. Thanks
  8. Anybody have a link to some pan head screws for my TD, or some extras from their build.... Think it's my main hurdle for EIB.... Would like to get going on my application Thanks TK 42191... Damn, I love saying that
  9. Greetings Imperial friends, TK 42191 reporting for duty. Got my basic approval last night. Huge thanks to the Old Line Garrison's Academy team, and in particular my Advisor Tom Wyatt. Thanks Trooper. Expert Infantry in my sights next
  10. It's official, got my GML approval tonight. TK42191 reporting for duty!
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