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  1. I cant remember the name but there was a youtube video that made the standard stormtrooper out of cheap plastic for sale signs, and the Halloween costume helmet. Im sure if you search cheap stormtrooper cosplay or something to that effect you could find it, and then just follow the steps and paint to your liking.
  2. Welcome Eddie, I look forward to trooping together
  3. Welcome to the FISD, look forward to trooping with you
  4. Just search ironmaided on the rpf, hes located in the Philippines as well. And if I remember correctly it was around 700 after shipping but its been a while and Ive bought a bunch of costuming stuff since then so I don't exactly remember
  5. Yes Vader would be the most expensive and next would be whichever trooper has the most greeblies and paint to add on. And while Boba might not be Imperial just for perspective he takes around $2500 to $4000 to assemble depending on which version you go with and how much you do yourself.
  6. Im legendaryszoke on both xbox live and psn and if anyone still plays any of the mobile games like uprising or commander on there as well
  7. Are you going to sell the FX kit? Or maybe go deathtrooper with it? Good Hunting
  8. Cinematography doesnt feel like the othwr 6 at all, story wasnt great, music wasnt John Williams' best, and characterization of Rey was weird, yet most of the acting was solid and costume design was top notch<br><br> Id have to say it has some interesting moments but definetley my least favorite star wars film
  9. Hey Bob, and welcome, looks like we will be in the same garrison when we are finished with our builds. Look forward to seeing you on troops
  10. Hey I'm not sure if my pm's are going through, if not it's because I use my phone primarily, can you pm me?

  11. I totally understand using the actual on screen costumes for the CRL's but also agree it would be nice to have an "idealized" trooper, like you were saying a realistic one, with the ab buttons attached and shoulder bridges attached and so forth.
  12. I've already posted a similar topic on the rpf, to no avail, and have already been in contact with the artsee1 website artist. Nobody seems to make a full body latex suit in the vein of the superman flyby suit. Does anyone here do are know anyone who does this sort of thing? http://whatsoninthemedia.blogspot.com/2012/02/mcg-talks-more-about-his-failed.html?m=1
  13. I got some snaps on my phone from the trailer, but I wonder if anyone has anything better yet concerning the ep7 stormtrooper armor.
  14. New goal: Finish my TK by May...

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