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  1. Thanks for your answers. Here in Argentina, it´s not possible for all buy an armor made of fiber glass, ABS, HIPS, or PVC. I saw some people wearing whit Eva Foam, but I don´t know if they belong to the 501st. That's why I did my question.

    There are many vendors world wide who will ship to you. Cost may be a factor though. I'd email vendors from the approved list in the getting started area or post in the main 501st for sale forum that you want to buy a stormtrooper shipped to Argentina and would a vendor contact you.

  2. I put in a 501st application months ago but have not heard anything back, how long does it usually take and how do I see the status of my application?

    Not months. Do you have a finished costume? If no, you cant join until you do so.


    If yes but it's not approved then you should contact your local garrison GML with five pictures ...more if costume has specific little things hidden in the whole s/he will need to see...and he will activate you. Presumably you picked five tk id numbers already.


    If yes and you've been approved and have a tk id number and can find yourself in the member db on 501st.com then it's all finished.


    Which of these applies?

  3. Since practically everything else on our armor is very strictly tied to the CRL, it seems like our only expression of individual personality can be found within our helmets (literally and figuratively). Whereas for all intensive purposes most of our armor is identical from person to person, it's rare to find any two interiors the same which I think is a neat little factoid. Since we're all sharing, here's my final look:




    Everything is buried either at the top or at my switch junction box at the chin. This is a shot before I loomed it all up with everything exposed:



    I...can't even begin to tell what all that is...

  4. See I don't understand how anyone can hate a precursor. It's not anh armor. It's just a concept that won't survive past rogue one. Look at concept cars. A company comes out with a goofy design in 2017. Nine of those designs will see a car until 2021 or so. Look at a 2017 sports car and go back to 2013 for their concept. Most people say ' oh I'm glad they didn't use that feature' . Which is what were saying about RO tk suits. Did they evolve from clones? Yes. Can you see remnants in anh tks? Yes.

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  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-Episode-7-Storm-Trooper-Helmet-Prop-/331989769452?hash=item4d4c21dcec:g:dQ0AAOSwOyJX4Ghh


    $100 for a good bucket just seems too good to be true, even if it needs finishing work? It's a gorgeous piece, but I wanted to get a second (and third and fourth) opinion from the experts. Thoughts?

    Nobody here has one of those. That sort of makes us all leery. But you have full refund available through eBay buyer protection.
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  6. An undershirt is like 20% of that material. Ua makes Heat gear and cold gear. Just buy the basic stuff. Or search eBay for compression suit and buy the third party stuff. The medic in me then wants to ask how your heart and or blood glucose is cuz running hot on a regular basis isn't a good thing ;-) I ran hot last fall from stress and diabetes and lost thirty pounds...but not in a good way.

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