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  1. 21 hours ago, Rancor_Wrangler8425 said:

    Hello everyone,


    I was wondering if anyone knew a reliable Imperial Death Trooper armor vender? I'm a newbie and I want to be sure I purchase something 501st approved. Also, is there anyone on here that has already built one that would have advice how the armor pieces should go together? I tried checking out the sub-forum for Spec Ops but didn't find much information on the death trooper kit. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!



    The special ops detachment will have more info for sure, id join over tjhere.  Also, no costume kit is sold as 501st approved, it is all based on construction and how it fits you.


    I believe that this is a costume with a height requirement so if youre not in the 6 foot range it may nkt work for approval.

  2. Every troop and cause can find a home in the three "c"s of the 501st.  Costumes. Charity. Community. Centuri...ok not that.


    Disney , themself, said the 501st is ok to go for pride events.  


    GLB used to be about sexuality.  

    LGBT became about gender.

    LGBTQA is still about gender, both for those identifying as LGTBQ, and those who just support their friends', and strangers', rights to identify as whomever they wish.


    Im in the A camp.  Occasionally thats followed by hole.  In this regard it means 



    I feel really dumb for even posting this:. This thread wasnt a discussion about lgtbqa members.  It was a call for shout outs to themselves, if they wanted to.  


    OP: BRAVO ZULU for stepping up and out.  Enjoy the prides.  My garrison marches on the 27th in Ottawa.  Ill be there suited up and rainbowed in support.  

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  3. ... or added simply because it's necessary in order to advance the story since Rey needs a way to carry the rifle while climbing. Same as how in ANH one of the stormtroopers that was guarding the Millennium Falcon just happened to be the only one equipped with a grappling hook and hand-held comlink - both of which were necessary to facilitate Luke's escape and thus advance the story.

    the living force works in mysterious ways. either that guy was there because the skywalker twins need them to escape , or that route was presented to them because they had those tools.


    Neither of which mattered because all the troopers were under orders to shoot to miss and herd them back the falcon to escape so the tracking beacon would work.

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  4. Hello guys!




    I'm thinking about selling stormtrooper kits.

    These kits would be sold for around 350$ + shipping.( around 100$ to the US)

    I'm interested to know whether anyone would be interested. I don't want to make expenses before I know what I'm digging into.

    If you want to know more, feel free to ask me anything!


    Welp first you should read the rules for selling ongoing runs and or one offs .


    second ...whos kit? all your other posts here are filled with how to questions and dont really strike me as a vendor whos done his own sculpts bucks and does his own pulls.


    350 for a complete kit...sounds like a bad kit.

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  5. Mark, I agree with your assessment.


    But, "Disney Level"??


    Disney Level; I keep saying it out loud. It makes me chuckle.


    Disney doesn't have a level for the crap that they approve for sale. The 501st level is what troopers need to concern themselves with if they intend to be 501st. And from the pictures posted, this kit doesn't hit that mark, regardless of it's origin.

    I meant disney level as our sponsors. I used to say LFL Level meaning something our sponsors would hire for paid troops.

  6. Sylverbard ... YOU ARE WRONG! To say this is costume grade is a total lie.. Stop being an elite snob... This is not the empire. You either have not seen the kit or just like to spread lies as I have one right here and I know what I'm talking about so...... at ease trooper!


    ... we question armour origins and accuracy all the time. Nobody is attacking your friend or his decision to buy this set. Or yours for buying two sets to give to a sick friend. Thats awesome.


    Second judging by the pics we've see while the vendors comms may rock his quality assurance needs to look up quality assurance.


    If they are 300.00 a pop he did his research when anovos offered tier 1 pricing on 650 dollar kits with finished helmets. yes kits sell at that price. but only if they are expensive kits at 50% off.


    Would you have paid 600 for one?


    I expect some gmls to deny basic approval. I expect some gmls to allow it. I expect the quality will have to improve before any make eib or centurion.


    Thats just my opinion. Im entitled to have one. So are you.


    and yes. Im an armour snob. ATA FTW. No chocolate Jawas. But its all good if it looks good.


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