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  1. are you the correct size for an anovos kit?  eg five foot 8 to 6 foot 1, mesomorph in shape?  if so then any of the vendors in the Getting Started Thread should have suitable armor.  ATA is my pick, but you will still wait 10 months.  AP in canada is quick.  WTF has good reviews.


    Next: are you honestly going to troop 2x a month?  or 5 times a year?


    if the former, get another kit. if the latter, just wait it out for anovos.

  2. On 07/09/2017 at 8:23 PM, Tray said:

    Is there anyway to make it so a PM or post shows us who the member is with the real names, like the legion boards do? I get so many messages asking about money and this and that and 99% of the time I have to know a name, not a forum name. IM going crazy having to bounce around and search out a forum post to find out who they are so I can go find out what they have and so on.


    Just make it your policy that people identify theselves by name when you sell them zrufd and include paypal or whereever info.

  3. 21 hours ago, Rancor_Wrangler8425 said:

    Hello everyone,


    I was wondering if anyone knew a reliable Imperial Death Trooper armor vender? I'm a newbie and I want to be sure I purchase something 501st approved. Also, is there anyone on here that has already built one that would have advice how the armor pieces should go together? I tried checking out the sub-forum for Spec Ops but didn't find much information on the death trooper kit. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!



    The special ops detachment will have more info for sure, id join over tjhere.  Also, no costume kit is sold as 501st approved, it is all based on construction and how it fits you.


    I believe that this is a costume with a height requirement so if youre not in the 6 foot range it may nkt work for approval.

  4. Every troop and cause can find a home in the three "c"s of the 501st.  Costumes. Charity. Community. Centuri...ok not that.


    Disney , themself, said the 501st is ok to go for pride events.  


    GLB used to be about sexuality.  

    LGBT became about gender.

    LGBTQA is still about gender, both for those identifying as LGTBQ, and those who just support their friends', and strangers', rights to identify as whomever they wish.


    Im in the A camp.  Occasionally thats followed by hole.  In this regard it means 



    I feel really dumb for even posting this:. This thread wasnt a discussion about lgtbqa members.  It was a call for shout outs to themselves, if they wanted to.  


    OP: BRAVO ZULU for stepping up and out.  Enjoy the prides.  My garrison marches on the 27th in Ottawa.  Ill be there suited up and rainbowed in support.  

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  5. ... or added simply because it's necessary in order to advance the story since Rey needs a way to carry the rifle while climbing. Same as how in ANH one of the stormtroopers that was guarding the Millennium Falcon just happened to be the only one equipped with a grappling hook and hand-held comlink - both of which were necessary to facilitate Luke's escape and thus advance the story.

    the living force works in mysterious ways. either that guy was there because the skywalker twins need them to escape , or that route was presented to them because they had those tools.


    Neither of which mattered because all the troopers were under orders to shoot to miss and herd them back the falcon to escape so the tracking beacon would work.

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