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  1. SolidScrafty

    TKC Request for CRL Updates Thread

    Didn't want to be THAT guy, but you should hold up a minute on all of this. You can't use any of these images as official reference. These are fan-made skin mods for Star Wars Battlefront. And a screengrab from Gerry's Mod? The only game the Stormtrooper Commander officially appeared in is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Therefore you should only be using assets from that game to make decisions on CRL changes.
  2. SolidScrafty

    TK Commander lightsaber

    Get your application pictures taken without a weapon, get approved, then troop with whatever you want (within reason + ask your garrison leadership). Only time you need to worry about weapons in CRLs is when you're applying for Level 2 EIB or above.
  3. SolidScrafty

    The Force Unleashed Shadow Trooper WIP

    Hey peeps, figured I'd update this thread for anyone who hasn't seen my stuff on Instagram. My armor is basically there, save for a couple minor strapping issues and a couple dead LED strips. Once that's sorted out, I'm gonna send a new round of pictures to our LMOs and hopefully get this approved. I took this out for its first test drive this past Saturday at a local convention in Portland, Maine. Biggest issue I had was my powerbanks falling out and swinging around outside my kit, but I have a fix in mind for that. Also need to chop an inch or so off the tops of the thighs to improve mobility. Had a lot of fun though, and the armor was a hit. It was nice to be the very first TFU Shadow most people have ever seen! Hopefully more of us start popping up once we get that CRL green-lit!
  4. SolidScrafty


    Last I heard, Rocky has been having some issues with his Messenger app. You can PM Ericia or Matt - either of them can help you out!
  5. SolidScrafty

    TK Commander lightsaber

    The only time you see any trooper in TFU carrying a lightsaber is when you (Starkiller) are wearing the costume in game. There are no scenes or situations where you find these guys carrying sabers of their own. If I carried a saber with my TFU Shadow armor (which I totally plan to do), I would feel like I'm portraying Starkiller more than the trooper who would never use one as part of his arsenal.
  6. SolidScrafty

    The Force Unleashed Shadow Trooper WIP

    My costume is getting close to done. Things to do: - Mask off and paint transparent armor. Followed by black acrylic wash, then clear coat - Give thigh armor and thermal detonator black acrylic wash, then clear coat - Implement solution to prevent eyes from being seen in helmet - Mount LED strips to armor. Velcro USB powerbanks inside armor - Drill hidden holes in thigh and kidney for LED wire connection to batteries inside the armor - Strap shoulder bells to shoulder bridges - Strap shoulders to biceps - Glue elastic straps under the handplates for use on rubber chemical gloves - Paint red stripe on boots - Submit application!
  7. SolidScrafty

    Phase III StormClone Armor

    I want it. I would probably call it a TK rather than a CT, because these events take place after Order 66 and the rise of the Empire. These guys are Imperial Stormtroopers, just in a sort-of transitional stage between armors.
  8. SolidScrafty

    Re-introductions - come and say “hey”

    Hey FISD! This is Mike, from the New England Garrison. I am a bigger fan of the more infrequent Stormtrooper armors seen in Star Wars lore, so you'll probably never see me in the clean (however iconic) white armor. I've been lurking around on the forums since 2013, and finally got my zombie Death Trooper approved on January 2016. It's not the ideal primary trooping costume, so I have added a Spec Ops Magma Trooper which cleared in February 2017. I am currently finishing up a Shadow Stormtrooper from The Force Unleashed video game which should be done by this May 4th!
  9. SolidScrafty

    Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

    That doesn't seem right. Mine was only put in there for the sake of having something there temporarily. They said it would be replaced soon... back in August 2016 lol.
  10. I think my old Shock Trooper kit is still the CRL model. Can we replace that with someone else's? Maybe@humperdingle? My armor was never even approved as a costume and his kit looks a lot better than mine did. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  11. SolidScrafty

    Humperdingle's CFO ROTJ Shock Trooper

    We need your kit to be the CRL model. Mine is up last I checked and it was never even approved as a costume. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  12. SolidScrafty

    The Force Unleashed Shadow Trooper WIP

    Re-did the helmet paint job and lightly weathered with black acrylic wash. The same idea will be applied to the rest of the armor. I'm already done with the torso plates. And now everything's installed in the bucket except a chin strap and helmet fans. However, it only looks good when I'm not wearing it.....and I kind of knew it would be like that ahead of time. So I guess I'll need some mirrored blue lenses! Hopefully light will get through those. The lights are bright enough to look good indoors. Probably out in broad daylight too, but I haven't tested that yet.
  13. It may be somewhat of an unpopular opinion, but I'm of the mind that if you want to build to Centurion, then you should save up and buy that kit that will get you there. It may lock a few ANH-based kits out of the running for Centurion, sure, and that does kinda suck. But I was led to believe that Centurion requirements are to be based on what you see on screen, not on availability (or lack of availability) of eligible armor kits. I agree in that it seems unfair, but you can get around that by saving up to get that ROTJ CFO or TM kit shipped from across the pond. To me the only parts on the suit that scream ANH to me are the helmet, belt, and handplates. It's just as hard to see evidence of cover strips as it is to see overlaps due to the limitations of those '08 game graphics. It makes a bit more sense to go with overlaps because you *can* make it out on at least a couple parts while there are a bunch of other ROTJ elements present on the armor at the same time. Either way, it certainly won't matter to the general public. They'll see that well-built ANH based Stormtrooper Commander or Incinerator and it will still produce the same "wow" factor. And unless I'm mistaken, butt-join and cover strips are still allowed for Expert Infantry which is good enough for most of us. Do a lot of people still buy ATA armor? From experience I can say that can be built with overlaps. Most of my Shock Trooper parts were ATA and they turned out fine. I don't know about WTF though, but I would think you probably could if it's at all similar to ATA. I guess I'll find out when my WTF parts arrive
  14. I'll be picking up a shiny new Anovos OT TK kit soon from a local Wampa Clan merc, and I decided to build it as one of these Force Unleashed troopers. I have a pretty good handle on how TFU and ROTJ troopers are put together, so this one should be a walk in the park. Kashyyyk Trooper: Phase III Stormtrooper: Both armor sets are identical, so I will have two costumes from one armor kit and two helmets. A Hasbro Black Series helmet will be used for the KTK. For the $26 I spent on it (due to a non-working speaker which I was gonna tear out anyway), it will serve as a good base and a fun project. I filled in the tube stripes, battery compartment, and speaker holes with ABS slurry. I also started extending the bottom of the neck opening with some plastic "for sale" signs and more thick ABS slurry. It's kind of rough right now, but it'll look flawless and seamless once sanded down. The vocoder is also pretty tiny on this helmet, so I chopped off the bottom part of it and replaced the void with... you guessed it -- ABS slurry. Going to put down a few more coats of that before I sand it smooth. The frown is also gone. Filled in with slurry almost to the point where you can't even tell it was there. It's completely different on this helmet so I'm going to carve out a new one. Just a couple progress shots to show what general direction this helmet is headed in. I will need to carve out the sunk-in details on the back of the helmet and work material back in to get that 3D look - there, and on the faceplate where some holes are already carved out. The black marking under the lens will also have to be sunk in a little bit and painted 1138 grey. Once assembled back together, the seam between the cap and the back will be filled in and the whole helmet will be sprayed a khaki color and masked off for paint chips.
  15. Combing through a set of hi-res images, the only place where overlaps are kinda obvious are on the back of the thighs. Really hard to tell everywhere else
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