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  1. I've seen them mounted on approved costumes with the inside corners of the drop boxes mounted two different ways. In line with the inner corner of the first ammo box on the belt (like mine, pictured above), and in line with the outer corner of the first ammo box on the belt. Is there only one way to do it? Because with what I've seen, they could go either way... Plus, that's kinda how the belt looks in the CRLs... I've since mounted the kidney to the back plate (not pictured). I made sure to mount it with the nook at the bottom, as I've seen pictured in other build threads
  2. Why, thankyasir! I can't take full credit for the idea though, a HWT buddy of mine does the same thing with the Sandy loop in his backpack
  3. Those were the lines I was referring to yes, but listen to Locitus before listening to me. I'm sure he knows better, lol
  4. You're going to want to seriously trim up those biceps for two reasons: 1-The return edge is fine if you want to leave it, but it will fit and feel much better if you sand down the return edge to a minimum, keeping a little bit of return edge for aesthetic purposes. 2-I can tell you right now that the top of the bicep is going to stab the crap out of your shoulder (if you wear it at the proper height, that is). No joke, try it on, hold it in place so it doesn't move, and try to move your arm forward. If it hurts, sand that sucker down. If not, then you'll see what I'm talking about later when you try to wear the armor...lol. Great progress so far! I'm watching your work!
  5. Yeah, that's the reason for posting that picture. I ripped it apart, sanded it down, and it took two guys (four hands) to glue it together as close as possible, to get the least amount of gap between the cap and back... It's still not perfect, but it looks good enough to help me sleep at night!| Thanks! The plan is to tear apart an Aker and hook it up with an iPod shuffle with the 40 minute Stormtrooper radio chatter loop running out of the TD while trooping. When it's finished, I'll post a video of it running.
  6. It's a Don Post helmet... That explains a lot...
  7. Thanks! I was beginning to think my thread was invisible. I haven't been getting any feedback. But thanks for the kind words!
  8. Got a little more work done! Ripped apart and re-glued the cap to the back. This time I made sure to get MOST of the gap gone. It's not perfect, but it looks MUCH better than it did: Also painted the inside of the helmet with Plasti-Dip. It makes it look good with a nice matte black finish on the inside, and the texture is fantastic! A hard days work on the jolly old Death Star... Trooper Curt decides it's time for a coffee break... More to come!
  9. Looking awesome so far! I'm a huge Halo fan, so this thread will be watched very closely... Keep up the good work!
  10. Today's progress... Finished up the belt! Notice anything strange? No? That's because you're not supposed to! Oh, what was that? You want a Garrison business card, you say? Oh, well allow me to grab you one OUT OF MY FUNCTIONAL DROP BOX CARD HOLDER: You can't even tell the difference. It still sits flush when closed to look identical to the other non-functional drop box: Also, I finished the snaps and straps for the "shirt" portion of the armor. Fully fitted and wearable! As always, more to come later!
  11. So here's today's fun progress... Got the big pieces trimmed up: Got some snaps set up and installed in a few areas: And now I'd like to take a quick moment to show how AMAZING the detail is on this NE armor, by holding a few pieces up next to another type of armor (MTK, I believe). The MTK armor is on the left, my NE armor is on the right: Aaaand the shop floor... If you think this is bad, you should see my clothes! This stuff gets everywhere... More to come!
  12. I can't go to Scotty's, I have to work And I don't have those parts done yet... I'm searching so I will have them when I DO need them, lol
  13. It is a bit long, but that's because I barely trimmed it at all from how it came. It's still "Approximately 7.50in.", so it should be fine according to the CRLs. I've seen a few guys getting approved in these without trimming the detpack AT ALL, and if I try to fix it, I'll end up with ugly glue marks where the button plate was before it gets shifted over. So overall, I'm not too worried about how it looks right now...
  14. The problem is none of that is white. I was under the impression that there was not supposed to be a gap on the sides of the body, in-between the ab and kidney plates. It was recommended to us to use either more of the plastic material from the armor, more white canvas material, or white elastic. We want to go with white elastic, but I'm not sure where to find it...
  15. I've made a little more progress, but sadly, I haven't been able to post to the WIP here lately. Regardless, here's my progress so far: The legs aren't pictured completely above, but they are done as well: And the thermal detpack has one cap glue in on the left, and the right cap is not glued. There is a bungee cord attached between the two caps, so I can open and close it like a container when needed without losing the cap. This will come in handy for granola bars, fruit snacks, and extra batteries during long troops and comic-cons: More to come!
  16. Hey guys, I'm currently working on a TK build with a buddy, and we both have no idea where to look for the elastic most guys will use to fill the gap on the sides of the armor, in between the ab and kidney plate. We don't even know what the best material is, nonetheless where to get it... Any and all info/help is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Ah. I didn't see the "Denmark" there... You make a good point, lol
  18. Excellent work on your E-11! I'm very impressed! Mine was just slapped together just to have something. But if I get another one, I may be contacting you to do a commission to assemble a more screen accurate one like yours. If you'd be up to it, of course And thanks Mark. You'd have to see it in person. I think I really messed up those ears. I'll have to show it to you sometime
  19. Hey guys! I figured I'd start a WIP thread. I have had my NE armor for a while now and I'm just now really deciding to get started on it. My work is slow, and I'm full of questions and worrying I'm doing things wrong, so bear with me here. I decided to start with the helmet and the blaster: The blaster is a Doopy-Doo's full E-11 kit. I've glued it together, given it three or four coats of metallic chrome silver, and a few light coats of matte black, then lightly scuffed some edges and areas of most contact for some light weathering. I do not have the scope rail yet...I'm working on getting one or making one. Here's the pictures: The helmet...is looking pretty bad. It's a three piece helmet, and I did the best I could to get the smallest amount of gap between the cap and back, but it's still pretty obvious. The gap where there's an edge in the mold on the helmet back is minimized by cutting a notch in the faceplate where the edge is. The gap is still there, but with the pressure that will be applied when attaching the ears, the gap is minimized to a point that I'm comfortable with (pictured below): Here's where I start asking for input. I'm pretty positive I seriously messed up the ears.The left one has been trimmed WAY small, and still doesn't fit right, and the right one isn't looking too good either. They both already have WAY too much of a gap in them, even with legitimate pressure applied. I may need to get new ears. Pics: And last but not least, I accidentally got a drop of super glue on the dome of the helmet, and it kiiiinda melted a dent in the finish... Is there a way to buff this out or something? Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your replies!
  20. I would make a request...but I feel like my posting on this thread makes it pretty self explanatory.... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14691
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