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  1. I already have 501st status, but I'm now requesting FISD status!! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14691&costumeID=124 Thanks!
  2. I kinda feel that way too, but yes, it depends on the GML. If he approves me I'll still be closing up that gap later. I think it'll look better in the long run.
  3. I may go EIB after a while, but I've done so much work on this guy already, o really don't want to make any more modifications unless it's necessary for basic approval right now, ya 'know? That's good to know though, I may consider doing that later on! But for right now, am I fine for basic approval?
  4. I've got an NE helmet, with NE armor. I just chose AM for the armor, since NE isn't an option, and the NE armor is based off of (and almost identical to) AM.
  5. Alright FISD brotatos. Your input is needed! I have taken my submission pictures and I'm ready to get rolling with this guy! But first, I wanted to upload them here so some experienced people can chime in and correct me on any minor changes I may need to make to smooth out the approval process later on. Remember, I'm going for BASIC APPROVAL, so keep that in mind when giving me input! Here are the pictures, courtesy of Curt: And some others just for good measure/showoff rights: I can't wait to hear from you guys!!
  6. PROGRESS!! Finally... I added paint on both sides of the frown to taper it down to a point: Detpack has been aesthetically finished, with electronics to be added later: Holster is attached to the belt as well: Also, my buddy Scott added some NICE lining to the inside of my hinged drop box. Now it has a nice silky cloth liner to the inside of it! And here of some photos we took of it all together so far. Yes, I am aware, the belt is not yet velcroed in place and keeps sliding down. But other than that, what do you guys think? I'd say I'm about 93% finished with this guy. Comments? Suggestions?
  7. I appreciate your input, but I have no idea either. I would really like some input on this issue from someone who would know for sure, as well...
  8. The shoulders, I agree with and will be fixed soon as well. The teeth...there's no fixing that really. I cut the extra tooth out on both sides before I read the CRLs... I understand that's what they say, but is the number of teeth cut out really something that could boot the whole costume from being approved? I'd hate to make a whole new helmet just for the teeth...
  9. Darn. I was so close to being done with the helmet! I'll fix that up soon. Thanks for the heads up! Does anyone have any input on the body so far?
  10. But I eat them anywa Sorry, I was in the middle of a thought and accidentally started typing it here. So I'm leaving it up there... Anyways, I finished the outside of the helmet completely. I hand painted the ears... I've never tackled something like that before, so I'm real happy about how they turned out!
  11. Got some more work done! I've finished adding the decals. I hand painted the vocoder as well. It's a little rough around the edges, but it looks alright for my first attempt at this. The ears are in the process of being painted currently, hence the blue tape on one of the pictures. And also, the lenses have been added! The ab buttons are painted and secured to the ab plate, which is now attached to the ab section of the armor. Here's photos of the test fitting of the upper armor. In my opinion, I need to pull the shoulder bells in further than they are. I also still need to add the ribbed plastic shoulder straps. And yes. I am aware that I'm wearing my hand guards on backwards. That was an accident that won't be repeated...lol. The gaps in the sides will be kept the way they are, but I am trying to find ways to get the tops of the ab and kidney plate to line up a little more than they do. Maybe some taut elastic? What other suggestions do you guys have? I'm sure you have plenty to say...
  12. So, I had that picture on my computer. I printed it out even for future reference so I could use it when I get to the ab plate portion of the build. Why did I ask for help on this? because apparently I'm dumb and didn't see that picture next to me at my desk when I asked the question, lol. Thanks for the help in reminding me of this!
  13. Centurion is not my goal. My goal is basic approval.
  14. More progress!! The helmet is about 3/4 of the way done. I just have to paint the ears and the vocoder, then finish the inside the way I want it. Mesh inside the frown: Padding inside. I plan on adding more later...But this is what's in there for now: And decals have been added to the outside of the helmet. Aside from the few details that still need painted, the bucket is almost done! Painted the aluminum ab buttons! Here's my question. How is the ab plate supposed to be trimmed/mounted? It's not big enough to just fit over the molded detail on the ab plate (pictured below). So do I trim it up to fit over the molded detail? Do I trim it down to a flat rectangle and just slap it on top of the molded detail? I need a more experienced and approved 501st Stormtrooper to help me out and give me some guidance on this part... Thanks!
  15. They need to be flat. The belt has 45s in it, but the cover strips should be flat to match the molded detail in the armor. That's just my opinion, but I believe this is true for approval as well.
  16. All my cover strips are flat at the tops and bottoms
  17. emile1138

    NE on ebay

    NE is for sure Nostalgic Empire. I've contacted the maker himself and he confirmed this. What's up with this?
  18. Yeah, the ears assembled in the pictures are the "fixed" longer ears. Which cover strips are you referring to?
  19. I'm going to be mounting the lenses directly to the foam, then adding another thin layer of plastic or something painted a different color to contrast the black, as a border around the lenses. This is all purely for looks. I'll be figuring out air flow and such later... Right now, I'm just worried about getting it to look good. I'll worry about functionality as I go along. I've got a few Ideas on mounting fans right next to the lenses.... But that's for another time I'm shooting for basic approval. I'm not interested in the upper levels of approval. That's why I lined them up the way I did
  20. Made some more progress on the helmet today... Decals applied to the frown: Ears have been attached: Some foam trim detail has been added to the inside of the helmet, as well as the s-trim. However, there is a problem. The addition of the ears and the s-trim have added too much length to the bottom of the helmet, and now I can't fit my big noggin throught the bottom of the helmet... I'll be removing the s-trim and trimming up the bucket-hole (<-LOL), then adding new s-trim when it's big enough for my head. So for now, enjoy the pictures of the inside of the helmet so far, ignore the s-trim, as it will be changed soon: Looking good so far!
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