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  1. Pp sent! Lord Vader will be pleased at the devotion to the Empire from this "junior TK"!
  2. The picture of the " WAT" lady is freakin hilarious!!
  3. I don't use a speaker system. I just make sure I talk a little louder than normal and a wee bit slower. I've never gotten the comment about not sounding like a Stormtrooper.
  4. Orlando Mega Con 2012. Got offered a marriage proposal while walking to the con. Priceless
  5. Buying the soundtrack on lp and listening to it everyday for weeks on end. Not very many 13 yr olds were listening to that in '77
  6. Current update: Trooped Megacon over the weekend and my shims went from 5 inches on either side to 2 and a half! Woop! Woop! Feel and look great! Weight now down to 210
  7. Update on my weight battle. Joined Metabolic two weeks ago and have lost 12 lbs already. It ain't easy. Miss all my comfort foods. Heading to megacon next week and here's hoping I can pull my shims in a little tighter now. My target is 180. Now at 216
  8. I'm strictly bare bones. No fans no mic. Just a helmet liner. I use motorcycle anti fog spray. Works like a champ!
  9. I don't have any problems at all with my shims. My Squad 7 mates designed mine that Velcro on either side. I strap myself in as tight as I can make it. Makes an awesome man girdle! They look clean and neat it's just that I seem out of place next to a trooper that weighs a buck sixty.
  10. Thanks for all the support guys! Fortunately I don't run into any criticism or harsh comments. It's more my own insecurity. It does make me feel better knowing I'm not the only "girthy" TK around. I'm trying to drop some lbs but it ain't easy but like I said before I'm living the dream and proud to be one of Lord Vader's foot soldiers!
  11. Hey all, because I'm not blessed with having the ideal TK physique and size I do need substantial shimming around my waist. Although my armor is acceptable for the 501st I do get very intimidated next to troopers who look like they stepped off the big screen. My question is this. Are there any TKs out there that go through the same thing? I am living the dream by being a member of the 501st but wish I wasn't so "girthy"
  12. No worries! Did some research and found a leather works store in town. Will call them tomorrow
  13. Thanks for looking into that for me. You're right, would hate to have you make one and then it doesn't fit. Will start looking around.
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