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  1. Also notice the type of "yellowing" on the hero helmet.....specifically that it is scratched or wiped away....dead giveaway of layers of nicotine non filtered cigarette smoke covering it.....clean the helmet up then try color matching. Just my 2 francs
  2. ahh. so we come full circle from rec.arts.starwars. co. molds are markII. so are cfo armor molds actually mk2 ? or rotj? <br><br> with the costumes book, and the new french one, the cats are getting out of the bag, so to speak
  3. anovos shadow trooper orders being filled with white kits. WTFUK ANOVOS

  4. krylon fusion. its for plastics. used it on donpost royal guard that was vinyl, and it survived many bends and drops. cures well to abs and styrene also
  5. ANYTHING that the rocketeer is involved in is awesome. seen his antman helmet? this has been played out many times before with all movies.....these guys will deliver quality helmets before premier date, all depends upon what you want... we are all recasters. you all know this. want to wait three years for anovos to produce a crappy interpretation? technology is fast, these guys have a system, and no. I dont have any of their helmets, but would if i had the funds......
  6. there is a picture of the back of the troopers left thigh that appears to use another new attachmemt method, the thigh is split apart on the mannequin
  7. This is an expensive hobby, and you are only buying one suit, not obsessively collecting all 9, so yes it will cost you, but buy what you want and you will never regret it ..... nickel diming for a few hundred bucks only factors in if you want to resell at a profit....
  8. You newbies have no idea. Learn your history. Why things were done then, and why they are done now... I'm a rivet counter like the rest of you, but If you weren't there in 76 then you have no right to criticise what was done... armchair quarterbacks in the digital age don't know what REC.ARTS.STARWARS was. It paved they way for everyone to nag and complain now about what is essentially a tool (prop costume) used to tell a story, embrace the suits, this forum, and enjoy the movie.....
  9. Buy the whole RS Kit. With RS helmet, the RS helmet is key to the look, their armor is armor....Keep the anovos helmet as a knock around helmet, and one you can let friends try on, it has a larger opening....
  10. Remember your history of Star Wars. The first movie was shot on film...intentionally softened to evoke the Gone With the Wind style, and most shots were done with lace OVER the camera lenses to soften the images,, also the design aesthetic was to not have any one thing stand out, but blend in to the rest of the shot. So as to keep the viewer engrosed in the story....ONCE DIGITAL came out in the 90s. The original starwars was killed for good. <br><br> New Times. New suits. Everything has a reason, and I do not doubt the movie experience in the THEATER for R1 will be awesome
  11. Interesting that they made a nod to the screws. But glues like a rotj. Tears look like anovos. Whole helmets sharpness also
  12. Sure theyre the movie suits, just throwing it out there that these photos are staged for media promotional images, not necessarily screen shots from the movie itself...
  13. guys. this is a PROMO picture. just like all those from the 70s. doubtful if this Suppposed screenshot is even in the movie. its a photo shoot for the media taken after filming.... just like all those shots of that hero suit after ANH. OBVIOUSLY the suits were designed for mobility. you ever worn a screen used ANH ? ITS JUST ANOTHER CORPORATE WATERED DOWN VERSION OF THE STORMTROOPER SUIT SO IT CAN BE SOLD TO MANY DIFFERENT BODY TYPES, in the REAL movie, if you didnt fit in the costume, you didnt get the part....
  14. vintage Marco armor paired with the helmets used in TROOPS
  15. first. you didnt have to build the helmet, and its a stunt so it should be painted, the bicep should not be wider than the forearms, the list goes on,, yes it is a great model kit out of the box, especially for about 400 buxs if you were lucky to preorder, and good for all of us, and the hobby. I have one, and a shadow, But seriously.....
  16. I have both. walts for trooping. rs for display w the hdpe helmet. Walts pull of the Gino style helmet is real good.....capturing all the bumpy cap goodness you only used to get on paper thin styrere back in the late 90s. so get both
  17. at the very least youre gonna have to recut the eye sockets. especially the one on the far left of the pic. rear looks very AP to me w that exaggerated lip all in all. a great steal for 350.
  18. Lets not overlook that George got most of that $4 Billion in Disney stock not cash. George IS the mouse....
  19. detonator detail on Jones cat carrier

  20. Kev, excellent progress! Will the knob be part of the vac forming buck, or a greeblie to attach in the hole?
  21. I vote for the oval cylinder with a radius cut out at the elbow end, and some dimensional detail on the outter edge like the flat strip....to help tie the forearm to the shoulder bell.
  22. I assumed as much. So RS made a mold of The actual Screen used Pugman blaster, producing new molds?
  23. Question... did RS buy THE Pugman blaster, Pugmans used molds from his 2005 run, or a casting that Pugman had left over from his run, and recast it.....
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