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  1. requesting 501st access please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24554
  2. with summer ending my friend Ill be getting more free time for trooping man ive missed it
  3. hey garrison brother!! yeah he was an ok guy to start especially because of whom I met him through, a good friend, but damn bro as time went on..... ugh he became more and more a pain in the an impolite person.... Ill give ou better detail at a troop were at together some time but it is sad man that it comes to that with some people.....
  4. in the end I was able to see what people were saying, he still owes me a couple things but Im just gunna let them slide just to remove him from my contacts lol..... nuch easier that way!!
  5. he was a nice enough guy to me as well, I received my armor from him from a job I did for him, and again he was nice enough until he deviated from the blue print design of the vacuform table he was building, I did the electrical part of it for him..... once that happened I explained to him it wouldnt work that way and when it didnt he started getting accusatory I got all my stuff and bailed out.... he still owes me a couple things but Im considering it a wash lol.... Im certainly glad to hear hes back on the up and up alot of people were complaining that he wasnt delivering. Ive always believed in second chances maybe hes turned over that new leaf
  6. 5 seconds!!?? Ill have a look at that lol thank you I messaged Alay thats exactly what i needed!!! thanks man
  7. Hey all, I got the bug again and dusted off the TK armor, its been waaaay to long and I need to finish this!!!! so I tried my hand at trooperbay and he says he sold his last centurion strapping kit, I guess hes done selling them?? my question is I need the entire kit minus the bracket set which is the 9 piece elastic loop set for the body armor does any one know where to get this?? Im talking leg harness shoulder and bicep harness latex hand guards belt PLEEEEZ help this is lke the crucial last pieces to my puzzle!!!! thanks all
  8. Rat I had the same problem lol I even looked at trooperbay but they say its there thanks all for the info!!!
  9. so I got my armor got my bucket.... going thru my stuff I realize I am missing parts and pieces, in the long....did some work for a less than reputable armorer (didnt know till after) my armor is up to snuff and works, in the short Im missing my rubber neck trim I believe Ive heard it called s seal or s trim?? where would a fella get a piece for his bucket thank you in advanced
  10. thank you getting the feed back helps keep me motivated
  11. new WIP updates!!!! got my bucket to a displayable worthy completion.... I just need the rubber neck seal?? I believe I hear it referred to as the s seal?? I also need to figure out what Im doing inside my bucket?? I also got my shins both glued and cleaned up, next for them is bra hooks and back seam glue mouth by Jim, on Flickr mesh mouth by Jim, on Flickr bucket complete by Jim, on Flickr left shin by Jim, on Flickr right shin complete by Jim, on Flickr next up.... thighs.... and its high time I start considering ordering strappage and the such
  12. so from what Im gathering either way is good
  13. Hey I've been digging thru this area for over an hour so I apologize if the answer is somewhere out there... I just couldn't find it lol.... Curious about the mic tips are they flat black or painted with the same gloss as the vocoder? <br> Thanks all
  14. and were back off and running!!!! had a pizza and armor night last night getting some things done... I was slacking and didnt post a couple of pics of the bucket so itll come as a surprise that its gotten pretty far lol with no further ado group photo...minus me lol group photo by Jim, on Flickr touch ups touch ups by Jim, on Flickr we all know these tools!!! lol tools of the trade by Jim, on Flickr gluey time!!! gluey by Jim, on Flickr some bucket shots frown by Jim, on Flickr TK bucket photo bomb LOL ear (rank bar) by Jim, on Flickr I think im gunna do some eye trimming and get my lens set today
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