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  1. Definitely interested in this closure system. I like its simplicity!
  2. No, no it doesn't. It seems a pittance compared to what we put in. I tend to save my change in a jar, and cash it in when it gets full, but now, that change will be saved for something like this!!!
  3. One day I will have my own set of armor, once I get back to the States that is. This will definitely be one of the build threads that I will use as a reference!!!
  4. For us newbs following this thread, what is the purpose of plasti-dipping the inside of the helmet? Structural re-enforcement? Heat dissipation? Enhanced visibility? I think the inside looks good blacked out.
  5. I have 2 scopes, 1 with the bulb, 1 without, and even though I am a licensed Airframe and Powerplant aircraft mechanic, I would NEVER attempt to dismantle my scopes. The price of failure is too high for me.
  6. Depending on the complexity of the kit, it might not be a bad idea, as there will always be questions on how a piece should go. You could also put a tutorial on how to build your kit on the forums, as you probably have one done, just need to splice and edit it...
  7. For real ones, is there a preferred model number?
  8. So what types of Hengstlers are supposed to go on the bE-11 blasters, as I have seen several different types. I've done a search, but haven't found any conclusive info. Thanks!
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