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  1. For more pictures, and full resolution pictures, here's an Imgur gallery. I'll try to add more build pictures to the gallery and to this thread as I go! https://imgur.com/a/5iMx5Ol
  2. My build thread is likely going to be very similar to JT's, though I didn't capture as many pictures. Check JT's thread here: Main info: Armor - Back Stage Props Helmet - Anovos (The Last Jedi) Gaskets - GeekyPink Gloves - Endor Props Boots - TK Boots (For now, using ANH boots as they are permitted for Level 1 approval. May get actual FO TK boots down the line) Belt - JAFO I started this thread a bit late. Right now, I have done the initial rough trim of all parts, leaving only 1mm or so of material from the line. My next step is to sand everything down to the finish line and smooth it, then I can start with assembly. Here is JT and all the kits, there were more parts in the room to the right and some sorted kits in the hallway to the left. We basically sorted the pieces and then started sorting them into separate kits for other members to pick up. Took 4 hours, FUN! The first parts I did were the legs. I was able to do all trimming with just lexan scissors. The extra/flashing material is mostly thin, the armor pieces themselves feel durable. I did all the leg pieces in about 2 hours: Next up I did all the arm pieces. I did these the night after the leg pieces, it took another two hours: Finally, just last night, I did all the remaining pieces. Sadly I don't have pictures of this, but I did do a Facebook live stream and the videos are public, so you can check them out over at www.facebook.com/aidanblake ! All told, it took me about 5-6 hours to rough trim all the parts. Next up will be sanding the parts down to a nice smooth edge!
  3. It's been over a year since the last update. Currently, things have progressed quite a bit: Armor - BSP contacted us last week to tell us our shipment would be going out that week. We have not heard back since, but we have seen pictures of armor parts in boxes, we should be getting a tracking number very soon. Helmets - Still no group buy for these. Individual members have been buying helmets where they can find them, some are finding Anovos helmets, others going with KB and other sources. Gaskets - Our local progress on this has not progressed, no one locally is currently producing gaskets. Most members are looking at ordering from Geeky Pink. Soft Parts - Lots of the soft parts have been purchased by our group members. A group order covered almost all of the gloves people needed. Body suits and shorts people are getting from various locations. Boots continue to be sourced independently, lots of us who have ANH boots are going to use those. Blasters and Accessories - Some group members have started picking these up, but the focus is still very much on completing the armor for approval. As of this writing, it is not clear how many of us will be able to complete our builds before Rise of Skywalker, which was our initial goal. We started this process in late 2017/early 2018. It is now getting into late 2019 and we have not had delivery from BSP. BSP has not been very communicative, it is hard to get updates from them because they are busy and there is a language barrier. BSP initially promised delivery by Summer of 2018, we have now passed the summer of 2019. This is frustrating, and certainly has cost us a lot of time that could have been used to build kits. When BSP does communicate, the updates range from promising to concerning. Many parts had to be redone, multiple molds had to be reconstructed. We have been given multiple delivery and shipment estimates. The armor we have seen looks good, but when we will get it is still in question.
  4. As an update, a number of us have started ordering helmets from BigBadToyStore, which has Anovos helmets in stock: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/65435 I personally ordered and received one of these, another member also ordered and received one. I have since ordered a second one for my wife's build. Entertainment Earth has the same helmet on Pre-Order for less money, however delivery time is stated to be sometime in October: https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/star-wars-the-last-jedi-first-order-stormtrooper-helmet-prop-replica/nv01171122
  5. An original, screen used TLJ helmet just sold on Prop Store, this is an excellent source to use for comparison: https://propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/138/lot/28672/
  6. To give everyone an update on where Garrison Titan is with our group build: Armor - Our order is in with BSP. Original ETA was June, we are currently two months overdue for that. Communication with BSP is limited, we ask for an update about once a month. BSP is mostly responsive, but have reported multiple delays which is not inspiring confidence. Helmets - Our massive helmet order fell through and we are back to square one. In short, we ordered from a shop, who had an order with Diamond (distributor) who had an order with Anovos. The shop closed, the order from Diamond could not be rerouted, so we completely lost every helmet. We were refunded at least, but this was a pretty nasty setback to the build. Gaskets - Trina and Wendy are working on prototypes for these, what I've seen so far is very promising! These are fabric gaskets, which should be much more comfortable than rubber Gloves - Our group order was completed, everyone (except Ryan, I'm working on it!) has received their gloves Soft Parts (Body suit, shiny shorts, balaclava, neck seal) - Everyone is on their own for these. Most members are not having issues finding these pieces Boots - Everyone is mostly sourcing these independently as well. Some are getting TFA/TLJ boots from Imperial Boots, some are opting for ANH boots from TKBoots, as they are acceptable for both TFA/TLJ Stormtroopers per the CRL Blasters and Accessories - Some of our members are already looking into these, but for the most part we are telling group members to hold off. Everything listed above really should be purchased before moving on to blasters. A bunch of stormtroopers with no blasters is better than not having stormtroopers because the focus was on blasters instead of armor/helmets.
  7. Also, for those following along with Garrison Titan's build, we got dealt a pretty crushing blow a few months ago. We had a massive helmet order in with Magic Mirror Comics here in Seattle. They had an order with Diamond, a distributor. Magic Mirror Comics had to close shop and had no way of transferring their order from Diamond, so our entire order was cancelled. These are helmets that Diamond had guaranteed from Anovos, so we all but had them in hand. We are now looking into other group order options, but many may be placing solo orders.
  8. Please note: My ranking above is subject to change and I've provided the best info I have right now. I'm not trying to put down any makers (Except Anovos, screw them) I'm just trying to rank based on what I personally would invest in. My top 3 right now are Jimmi, KB, and JMS. All three are well detailed. I need prices for Jimmi and KBs helmets to compare the cost. The only reason BSP is near the bottom is because the frown is wrong. We are buying BSP armor, I don't think BSP is a bad maker, but their helmet is not correct.
  9. Helmet Maker List - Pros and Cons Sorted by Aidan's Top Pick -> Aidan's Bottom Pick JIMMIROQUAI (Fiberglass) - $ PROS: Very close to screen accurate, well detailed. Maker is established and should be able to deliver. Not Anovos. CONS: Fiberglass is heavy. JMS PROPS + HEADSHOT PROPS (Resin) - $225 PROS: Very good design, very close to Anovos'. Not Anovos. CONS: Production time, otherwise not a lot of cons with this one KB PROPS (Resin) - $ PROS: Not Anovos. Established maker, does FO TK / TI helmets regularly. TLJ TK helmet is nicely detailed, quite accurate. CONS: Recently had a fall out with their production partner, may not be available? ARMORY SHOP (Resin) - $190 Unfinished or $370 Finished PROS: Available. Can order on Etsy. Model seems fairly screen accurate. Not Anovos. CONS: Frown may not be completely screen accurate? TDK PROPS (Resin) - $280 Unfinished PROS: Good cast, looks screen accurate. Not Anovos. CONS: Maker located in Australia, shipping costs may be high DIVERSITY PROPS (Resin) - € 175.00 ($205) PROS: Looks like a decent cast, fairly accurate, availability good. Not Anovos. CONS: Located in Netherlands, pricing in Euros, shipping and currency conversion costs BSP (Fiberglass) - $ PROS: Not Anovos. Also making our armor. CONS: Model is not screen accurate as of this writing (See this post: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42616-tlj-helmet-comparison/) ANOVOS (Plastic) - $550+ PROS: Fairly screen accurate. TFA models are available now. Finished helmets, no building to do. CONS: TLJ models delayed/not available yet. Horrendously bad customer service. Affordable models are no longer available, at all. If you absolutely have to buy an Anovos, at least try to buy it second hand so they don't get any of your money. I can not put any of my support behind this company.
  10. A quick update for Gloves, everyone has paid! I still need to get Ryan's gloves to him though. Sorry Ryan, they'll be in the mail soon!
  11. I posted to the FB Group, but figured I'd update this thread as well! I've been turned on to a few more makers so I figured I'd post them: Armory Shop https://www.facebook.com/armoryshop.ru/ - https://www.etsy.com/listing/554662591/tlj-executioner-stormtrooper-helmet-the?ref=shop_home_active_26 Raw Cast - $190 Finished TLJ or Executioner - $370 TDK Props https://www.facebook.com/TDK-Props-537706609725029/?hc_location=ufi Unfinished Kit - $280 JMS Props + Headshot Props (JMS Designed, Headshot Produced) https://www.facebook.com/JMSxProps/?hc_location=ufi Unfinished Kit - $225 Diversity Props https://www.diversityprops.com/ - https://www.facebook.com/DiversityProps/?ref=br_rs Unfinished Kit - € 175.00
  12. I didn't buy from the Anovos booth because we're getting a better deal from our group order. I did take a look at the Anovos TLJ helmet at the booth, it looks fine to me. Much improved over the TFA helmet they did, which I own one of. I'm not using my Anovos TFA helmet for this build because I got it signed, so it's no longer wearable. The 6 Anovos helmets you could use for this build are: TLJ Premier - Fiberglass, $550 TLJ Executioner Premier - Fiberglass, $600 TFA Premier - NO LONGER AVAILABLE TFA Standard - NO LONGER AVAILABLE TLJ Standard - NO LONGER AVAILABLE TLJ Executioner Standard - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  13. We did a group order for the TLJ Anovos helmet, we were told they would be arriving this summer. This is one of my concerns, that the helmets will not arrive this summer as promised. This is a likely possibility. Luckily, our goal is to finish this group build for Episode IX, so even if takes them a year to arrive we'll still have them for that date.
  14. Pro for Anovos is that it's a finished helmet, no assembling/trimming/sanding/finishing/priming/painting to do. Con for Anovos is previous experience with Anovos. I say this as someone who has ordered 2 TLJ helmets from them, I am still nervous about them being delivered. Their business practices and failed promises in the past are disheartening and concerning. Never the less, I bit the bullet because I don't want to spend a ton of time building the helmet and there were no other good options presented before Heather's cut off for buying a helmet at her discounted price.
  15. A big con for BSP is that the BSP helmet doesn't seem to be accurate. This comparison thread points out the issues with the BSP helmet: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42616-tlj-helmet-comparison/ That same thread also shows the Phoenix Props helmet which also seems to be a bit off. In terms of accuracy, it seems that Anovos, Jimmiroqaui, and KB Props are the closest to the screen used helmet.
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