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I'm a music educator, drummer and percussionist in Chicago. I mostly love spending time with my twin children Zen and Solstice. I also enjoy collecting Star Wars, Doctor Who, Cthulhu Mythos related items. In my very little free time I like to build and paint studio quality scale models and miniatures.

Now that I'm done with my ATA kit and have officially joined the 501st Legion and the Midwest Garrison I hope to begin trooping at as many charity events as I can make time for.

As a parent of a child that has battled and continues to fight every day with cancer and other health related issues, I really have a strong desire to bring my love for all things Star Wars to children like my son during the worst time of their lives. After going through what we went through and continue to go through with Zen I really want to give back to all of those that helped us during our trying times. Nothing brings a smile to a kids face like seeing their favorite heroes in person and I'd like to be one of those angels to these kids.

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