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  1. Wow this is such a great thread! I really enjoyed reading all of it. Your armor came out looking great! I used WTF for my boys armor and yours looks so much more comfortable. Great job.
  2. I am loving this thread!!!!! Keep it coming !
  3. So freaking awesomr !!!!! I may need to build one now.
  4. I am 6'4" and can tell you that the RT Mod crotch and back pieces are a bit longer than other makers so even if you can't get them to butt up you can still cover the gap with your belt. I believe I had at least an inch of material on both of these pieces that I considered trimming but went a head and just redid the strapping. I believe the RT will fit you and look better than AM. Check with Darth Aloha as well he is an inch taller than me and sports the same armor.
  5. Yes listen to the advice from everyone here. I ended up accidentally melting my rivets through my helmet, It was an easy fix with a washer and the screws. So if it does happen you will still be ok.
  6. I went through hell getting the paint to stick to mine. I ended up buying some off eBay, similar to what Vader Dave sells. I sanded then primed with auto primer, and painted several light coats spaced out over several days. My buttons still flaked off in spots in just a few test fittings but I am no longer concerned with it and tell my self it adds to the authenticity.
  7. I used regular kitchen scissors with great success.
  8. We never call erasers just rubber, but do call them rubber erasers from time to time.
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