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  1. Looking great I knew you'd spill paint, and end up cutting yourself ¬_¬ Good job you have eleven fingers eh?
  2. Hmm interesting.. and worrying.. Probably be overpriced though.
  3. Awesome liz One day I'll grow up and be as good as you
  4. No problem dude Nice to be appreciated
  5. We never got to the seaside, we were only out for 15 minutes and we were dripping with sweat.. and there's a main road in the way which is bad enough crossing when you can see XD
  6. Me and Lizzeh went wondering around the streets in our armour to test out what's uncomfortable and what needs adjusting. It's mostly old people that live around her so they were rather confused Me and Liz together Me Liz
  7. Huh another 40k player.. Dark angels? Bah, Nurgle all the way
  8. Cheers You'll have to pm me sometime
  9. I mostly draw and sculpt too, into tabletop games like Warhammer 40000, enjoy going to tournaments and stuff for it too:) Play pc games when I get chance too
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