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  1. Hello!! Justsaw a better quality sandypack on ebay buy the guy wont ship to Canada...lol?

  2. I cant see the "view new post" tab and a few others at the top???? JR
  3. Great job on the Jawa, I wish I had your building/electronic skills!
  4. Old post with Ainsworth perspective: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/158...s-designer.html
  5. Talk about worst nightmare......
  6. It may be just me but I find the look of their helmet to be innaccurate? The eyes seem wrong or something, I can't put my finger on it? JR
  7. Yea, my wife has been annoyed with me a few times as well. I had to cut a few deals to get some of the stuff I wanted, i.e., no fast food for two months, new living room set, a diamond band to go with the other rings, etc....lol. Enjoy the new helmet! Best regards, JR
  8. Yea there's nothing like the warmth, comfort and smell of a good hot rack!
  9. Great collection! Are you stopping at the TE ABS or are you collecting more?
  10. I had a few drips but no yellow stuff. The price is very good & that's what attracted me to it. It's a definate step up from the FX but I wish I had origionally gone with the TE2. Look at the Mark 2, cucblack my have upgraded the ear pieces: http://www.rt-mod.com/myhelmets thumb page.html
  11. That is the version two RT recast from cucblack in Bolivia. I have one, I like the fact that it is all fiberglass but the face is a little inaccurate. JR
  12. He is charging over $500.00 with shipping. That is way too expensive for a Jawa costume in my opinion. Try your hand at building one first. Check out you local fabric and leather stores to see if you have some resources in the area. Links: http://www.td8733.com/Jawas.html http://www.jedi-academy.com/jawa_tips.html J
  13. Those are relly nice helmets. Great collection!
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