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  1. Ok... Up until now I have left the black rank stripes off of my ears. But now at various troops I have seen that I am just about the only TK without them. I was starting to wonder if I should put some on my bucket, but the problem is I can't seem to locate any reference to the stripes and what rank they represent. Is everyone just putting random stripes on the ears or did I miss something?
  2. I second that. I m 6 feet and split the diff between all three back sections. Instead of one three inch gap, make two inch and a half gaps, between the back and kidney, kidney and butt.
  3. I built my ATA ESB TK using the forums and tutorials listed in the armor tutorial section.
  4. ATA does do them. But here is where I got mine: -----------
  5. I paint over the white areas on mine with black model paint and a small model brush before each troop. Can't see it unless you are looking for it.
  6. I have to turn mine to the side to get it to go on too. Then as I lower I pivot to the correct facing way. Actually fits good with very little interior padding...
  7. Congrats! Nothing like a solid hour or two in armor for the first time to know what has to be adjusted. Was the same for me. After the initial fixes it got quite comfortable. Good luck.
  8. Found this at Toy R Us. How many problems do you see with the "Empire Strikes Back" Stormtrooper?
  9. Nothing like your first couple of hours in your armor to let you know why needs to be tweaked. During my first two hour troop I was constantly adding to the mental list of what I had to fix when I got home. After that initial adjustment, I was good to go from then on. Good luck, you'll love it. And remember... Chicks dig armor!
  10. Hey all. I live in Michigan, and want to make the trip to San Diego for that little convention thingy they have there once in my life and am thinking next year is it. A few friends and I are thinking of making a four day trip out of it. My question is; Am I going to be able to get tickets? Seems the pre-registration for those who haven't been in the past has not started. Chatter on the web said that it was sold out in 7 hours last year. Don't want to buy plane tix or make hotel reservations without Comic Con tix in hand... So who has been that can tell me if I am screwed or not???
  11. Great newsletter. Reading the EIB portion, I guess I should get off my tail and do the exactly two fixes to go EIB. Add the D-ring I have sitting in the drawer, and swap out the rivets on my ears for screws...
  12. I went with ATA, I am 5-11, 170. The fit is great and the build wasn't too bad either. --------
  13. My test fitting was pretty "stress"ful... Nothing fit right the first time.
  14. I found anything shorter than the 24 hours recommended will usually pop when put under stress. Here us a little trick I learned though. After applying the E-6000 glue to surface to be glued, put a drop or two of quality super glue on top of the E-6000 and stick the pieces together. The super glue will give an almost immediate bond so make sure your placement is correct. Then it will hold solid while the E-6000 cures, allowing some stress like trying on. Works best with parts that don't move. With the snap plates, I am assuming that you are pulling them tight with elastic bands, so you still need to be careful you don't pop seals. E-6000 is a superior, flexible adhesive but it takes a long time to dry. Super glue dries fast but does not flex so it is not good on it's own. Together they make the 'superist' of glues... Don't rely on super glue alone though!
  15. I first cut with a utility knife. Buy a lot of blades because once they dull it gets a bit difficult. Then I used the sanding wheel on the dremmel. You can fine trim quite easily without melting. I use a TKittel canvas belt. Got it right here on the forum. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=10293&hl=&fromsearch=1 Also, my gloves are nomex flight gloves as well. They are black nomex and leather. Once your handplates are on the difference is hardly noticed.
  16. I left that little trim piece on the back plate (right or wrong). You have outlined to remove the trim that I left. Figured it gave it a nice finished edge.
  17. Mine nearly got me (not a real) divorce. I don't know how many "I'm just going down to the basement for twenty minutes, I have one quick thing to do", turned into the wife yelling at me from the top of the stairs four hours later.."I though you said twenty minutes!"
  18. Yep, looks good. Trim slow. You can always dremmel more away. Can't add. good luck.
  19. Ok, here you go.... if you look at the inside of the return edge of any of the sections, there will be a definative smooth area, then a "line". On the other side of this "line" will be a less smooth area, kind of rough. The less smooth area has to go, leaving the smooth area. Once you look at and trim one or two you will see it quite easily. You can trim close with a hobby or utility knife then dremmel more closer. Hope this helps.
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