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  1. welcome from a 70th member!!!! you have come to the right place! read, read, read. thats the best advice i can give you.
  2. good job!!! a garrsion mate and i are working on that solution to make an affordable cooling vest for troopers. after i almost passed out in vader a few weeks ago, we have been experimenting. ill let you know what we come up with. sorry for the hijack, here is your thread back sir.
  3. wow! i really have ignored this thread! well, mom has had her shadow aproved, she is now TX 9844! my vader has been aproved, and here in a few weeks my new AM armor will be here! i will be posting pics here of my new suit for black armor lovers to see!!!
  4. hey bro, try seperating you ab and cod plates, and butt and kidney plates, the armor will flow with your body better. the FX has the flat butt/kidney plates. if you cut them, they fit better. we did it on 4484's fx kit, and he can run, sit, kneel, you name it.
  5. looking good terrell! i had the same issue finding boots big enough! love that ata sweetness!
  6. well i did. they ended up on a fellow garrison mates computer. he is sending them to me later this week. actualy doing an about face on this one. mom has decided that TX's are here favorite after stareing at my lid for a month. so im taking it apart, re-trimming it and fitting it to her. then that gives me an exuse to buy a new kit!
  7. so i havent updated this thread in a while, huh? well ive trooped it once, need to trim some things here and there. need some bigger bicepts, shoulder bells, upper chest and back armor and ill be ok. the ata is a sweet kit, i just look like the hulk in the shoulder bells and chest armor!
  8. AP huh? new comer to the TX lineage? that would be uber cool. or is it the new AM? post pics!
  9. you gonna be able to make our make a wish troop next month? should have vader done then, ill need a spec. ops trooper to watch my 6! lol. again, good work man!
  10. tube stripes should be flat black, or dark navy blue. glossy black isnt acceptable. other than that, looking good!
  11. its sweet. you should see his suit in person! good job brother!
  12. agreed to the others! here is my build. (shadow trooper) --------
  13. well, im a cheep-o. i took scrap, spare plastic and converted my hasbro. thats always an option if you dont want a doopys kit.
  14. ok, here we stand. applied coat #2 to the back plate. thats it tonight. i decided Vader needed my attention a little more tonight.
  15. that AM armor looks pretty good. i liked the price on the ata though. both are priced well.
  16. ok, more progress chest plate- final sand and paint- done thighs- done! shins- almost done! but plate- done
  17. i started to freak when i couldnt find my thread! LOL! love the new section!
  18. thanks guys. ATA all the way! i dont think its shiny enough! one more wet sand and paint and ill see where im at.
  19. cool, thanks man! got my hand plates, drop boxes, detenator, shoulder bells and right forearm trimmed so far today.
  20. its dull black plastic. ive been painting it with good ol rustoleum! doing 1coat sand repeat. thinking of 3 coats per part, or would more be better?
  21. Thanks guys! the biggest advantage is this huge heated garage/ shop area i have. they are calling for snow here too. that really will slam the brakes on this one!
  22. well guys, i took the plunge (ATA). some of you may know ive been building this TX trooper for a few weeks now. here it is so far. comments welcome.
  23. very fast response! and i like the fact he doesnt require payment till he has pulled the armor! thats what sold me right there.
  24. i was intimidated by my ATA shadow trooper helmet, but to be honest it was really easy to put together. it may help that i read as many build tutorials before finishing it. seems to me that the fan made helmets have more room inside.
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