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Super commando build 850 armor works

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Hi folks. This is Mike from 850 armor works. For the past month or so, we have been working on bringing the new super commando to life. We're at the cusp of full launch now. The few parts that will be vacuum formed, the final molds are in progress now and will be 100% ready within a week. The majority of the suit is being resin printed for maximum detail and ease of finishing. I've been through all the prototype printing and ran all the parts for the first round of production printing. 


This project started with the helmet. Six different helmet models were purchased and only two made the cut to bother printing. The first was nxt3d then Big Fred's customs. Initially, the nxt3d was great. It was missing a few things to turn it into THE helmet. 


Big Fred's was next. The initial print was great. Perfect set up. It does seem a bit small. For my production version, I increased the overall scale a small amount then widened it slightly. Either one is probably fine. Pictures of it later. 


If you want to print all your own, big Fred's customs is the set to use. It's excellent. 


This initial post is from my phone and a bit of a pain to do. I'd rather do it from a computer. 


We were able to finish the chest molds late this afternoon and did a quick test assembly. This is with the standard big Fred's helmet. 







Collecting and organizing parts for the first test run



Jetpack...love this thing 







Helmet comparison. Dark gray modified, light gray standard big Fred's. More pictures later



Hopefully this link works for all the pictures uploaded so far.  I'll post more when I have time at a computer and as the final build progresses. 





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Hi Mike,

I saw your post on social media today, looking really nice. Excited to see this complete.

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Alrighty....at a computer now, much easier to copy paste.


All the forming molds are done.  First full test formed and parts made for the prototype suit.  I've got other jobs on the bench for customers.  May not get to it until late next week.  We'll see.  Maybe a little here, little there.


The calves/ankles are kinda weird.  They "can" be one piece.  For look and assembly, chose to separate them.  They'll look or be seamless when finished.  They are the strangest part of the suit and were the hardest to brainstorm for set up.  If this doesn't work the way I expect it, I'll switch it to a one piece design.  The print files are set up and would only take about 3 days to get a new design made.


Here are the parts all trimmed and ready for assembly.









As they were formed.  Drilled a few more holes in some areas where the detail could have been better.  Much happier now.













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Here we are, three weeks later and finally able to do something.  Can't help it.  I'm busy.  This is a quasi personal build along with business.  Only reason I was able to work on the jetpack is because I'm also going to use it with my custom mando.....AND Dragoncon is quickly approaching.  Need some stuff done.  While hosting an armor party for our local Mercs clan, I make it a priority to only work on things for myself.  This does kill two birds with one stone though.  It was nice to be able to work on something for myself.  When you're doing this for so many other people, it's just work.  It was very refreshing to get to experience the hobby as a normal enthusiast.

Not pictured, we were able to wire the LED boards with a jumper and leads to power it from a battery pack.  There isn't an easy way to access replacing batteries often.  More on that in a future post.


All the parts for the jetpack



All of these are off to the side.  They're either going to be painted gray or are being made to be removeable after paint.



Sand and glue.






Guess what?  MORE SANDING.  Sanding down the seam from the print and an excess super glue.  I like sanding and finishing resin print FAR better than FDM.  It's fast.




Mount testing with the JJ Industries style system.  These are printed in ABS like resin and reinforced with washers and super glue/accelerator.  If you have the extra $100 to spend, by all means, get the JJ set.  Machined aluminum and the magnet is embedded in the fidlock.  I will be running a 2" nylon strap/buckle from the back to the front to keep the weight up.








Gluing the sides on to the center






Last step of the day was filling the seams with kombi putty.  You can get this stuff at any automotive paint supply store.  It's cheap, dries fast, and usually only takes two coats.  I could have done resin and UV light.  I had other things to do, so it could sit and dry.





Should be able to start painting by the end of the week.  Should be.  We have a lot going on right now.  I kinda wanted to be able to paint the whole suit at the same time.  I'm working on my Incinerator Trooper right now, too.  The armor is about half way assembled.  We're shooting a video tutorial for the R1/Disney stormtroopers while I'm building it.  I'll post links when the videos are done.  So, not like there's any lack of white painting happening over the next month.




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On 7/26/2023 at 5:53 PM, FN1313 said:

And now we know why Anakin never built his own full armor and had it bought, commissioned and custom fitted by Palpatine.
He hate’s sand(ing)

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Yes...SANDING.  So. Much. Sanding.  Everything is sanding.  I thought we were making props.  This is just sanding in different ways.

So, while I'm here....no update.  Been WAY TOO BUSY to do anything on this.  My overall goal is to be done by February.

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