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Grandad Was A Stormtrooper


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I ran across this while doing some other researching, thought it was quite interesting.




"So, my mate Jack made this video. It's great but hasn't had as many views as I think it deserves. Jack's grandparents were prolific film extras and featured in Return of the Jedi. This short documentary tells the tale of Jack's legacy as he also seeks to become a film extra."




Meet Peter and Hazel Allen, my Grandparents! They've been in over 600 films and have passed down the legacy of being a fuzzy blur in the background to their kids...and to their kids' kids and even their kids' kids' kids. They were in Return Of The Jedi! Here's their story.






Peter Allen was born in Tenterfield, Australia. He played a stormtrooper, Geezum, Imperial Navy Trooper and a Endor Rebel in Return of the Jedi.


Peter Allens wife Hazel Allen played Yoxgit and a Rebel Technician in the Briefing room and so did their daughter Wendy.





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Delightful video and story, and I wish him the best! But also...



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