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HOWTO: Make your own neckseal


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Ladies and gents,


because it is needed and i don´t want to buy a neckseal, i thought if it could be so challenging?

Just think the thought, i grab some materials and the sewing machine of my wife and startetd.


First the materials:


Don´t worrie, the t-shirt was to small for me and so it´s usefull for something.

I measured me collar size and cut the black t-shirt fabric to the length, also measured the height of my collar,

doubled it and cut the fabric to the height.

After that i take four layers of the wadding and wrap them with the fabric like this.


Pin it with some needles, so the layers won´t slip.


After a few lines of straight stitches you get something like this.



Sewing a few lines i make a testfit.


For better comfort i sew a curve where my throat is.


Cutting some material off, you see the wadding and the effect by sewing it.


Looking in my garage i found some velcro and sew it on both ends.



And again a try on.


After all i needed three hours and a sewing needle. As a tip, use the right sewing needle, otherwise it will broke.

But after i want to sew also the belt on my own, i will need anyway stronger needles for the canvas fabric.

In the end the result is not professional, but wearable and acceptable.






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Nice work, it's a good idea to also add a skirt around the base of the neck as it can move and skin may be seen between the seal and collar of the shirt





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Hello Glen,


i got the rest of the shirt and will try to sew it to the neckseal. I am also not satisfied with some threads,

especially on the velcro.

But stronger needles are orderd and i think about a zipper and leatherette ...

I think sewing fever got a hold on me. :laugh1:




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2 hours ago, Rapierre said:

I know this is a bit of an old thread but can someone tell me what the actual size of the rib is?  I was thinking putting a foam dowel in there might make it less flat.



There is no actual size, I have seen some use the foam dowel before, personally they are a little thick unless you can find a smaller foam.



@9-11 ribs











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To add a little if that's cool, I've experimented with a few sizes of neoprene foam cord and you'd do well to factor in the top material aswell and the stitch style too, else that can and will throw the look way off for size. Ive been working on a new pattern myself and would be keen to hear how you get on.

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