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Finally starting my kit .......advice?

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On 11/22/2020 at 2:50 PM, jason14x said:

Thanks for all.the welcomes guys. I am in a strange dilemma. My wife is planning on BUYING me a complete set of armor!! After laying out all my pieces and buying all my gear and tools she saw the Anovos kit and her first words were..." That quality  is crap! " That being said she is basically insisting I sell my kit and ask where to buy a quality set of fully assembled or partially pre assembled armor. So that being said....where do I try and sell my armor, and  who should I buy a complete and assembled set of armor from? I almost feel like I'm cheating but my wife said she would rather help me buy quality  armor rather than seeing me put all.the work in and the kit falls apart after time . I am not afraid of putting it together and want to know who I should buy my armor from. I have reached out to RSprops and so far thats it any help would be appreciated! Thanks all! 



Can't argue with a wife whos going to support her husband's hobby!!  Lol

Okay gotta chime in here real quick - Anovos is an EXCELLENT kit (as long as you are "stormtrooper-sized"... they just have garbage business practices and won't be around much longer), and mine has been to Centurion and back 4 times now. If anything, it is actually a bit TOO NICE a quality of kit - it has been "cleaned up" slightly versus the actual screen used suits and I like to think it's more of how a Stormtrooper was MEANT to look, not exactly how they DID look. The suits in '77 were pretty bad.


That being said, RS Props specifically strives to recreate the suits as close to screen-accurate as they can consistently get them... defects and all. If your wife thought the Anovos kit looked bad...? When she sees the lumps and warts on an RS helmet and the quality of their strapping, I'm sure she will be SHOCKED. RS is great for collectors, but far from my number one choice for actual troopers. Build yours with interior cover strips, reinforced shoulder bridges, and quality strapping and you won't have any more issues than any other maker. A commissioned RS suit will absolutely still take plenty of modification to fit your frame properly, to be comfortable for trooping, and even for basic approval much of the time.


I'd have her put the money towards build supplies, or sending your Anovos out to be commission built for you instead of pursuing an RS kit, personally. Or have her get you a blaster or some HWT parts, I don't know! I'm not one to look a gift.... wife?... in the mouth, but if you do lots of research, I'm not sure you'll be as happy with a RS kit as you think you will. Building and getting to know your kit and how to rig and repair it is half the fun, and Tony's thread below is as close to a set of instructions that you'll get, maybe even better. /$0.02


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