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  1. Thanks for all.the welcomes guys. I am in a strange dilemma. My wife is planning on BUYING me a complete set of armor!! After laying out all my pieces and buying all my gear and tools she saw the Anovos kit and her first words were..." That quality is crap! " That being said she is basically insisting I sell my kit and ask where to buy a quality set of fully assembled or partially pre assembled armor. So that being said....where do I try and sell my armor, and who should I buy a complete and assembled set of armor from? I almost feel like I'm cheating but my wife said she would rather help me buy quality armor rather than seeing me put all.the work in and the kit falls apart after time . I am not afraid of putting it together and want to know who I should buy my armor from. I have reached out to RSprops and so far thats it any help would be appreciated! Thanks all! Jason Can't argue with a wife whos going to support her husband's hobby!! Lol
  2. Does anyone have any sort of diagrams or actual written instructions for some of the assembly?
  3. Here is the first of many pictures as I am now pretty much prepped to start. Does anyone have anyb"blueprints" as far as cuts and where to attach things ?
  4. Thanks got 2 pair of vise grips and I did get 5 pairs of magnets!
  5. Okay I am going to post this and start a build thread. Take a look at everything and let me know what you guys think. If theres something any of you think I should get that I dont have let me know! Thanks for all.the help guys. I am going to try and go for at least level 2 approval off the bat !! Jason
  6. Thanks guys. My goal for now is obviously get 501st approved. I am not worried about a top level but I am sure as hell am going to try!!
  7. Okay the biggest thing that scares me is cutting the armor pieces? I am sure there are plenty of threads and pics online but how do I know where to cut everything without f-----g it all up!!@
  8. Thank you Masked!!! I will post my first pic of it all laid out. I am trying to gather up all the stuff I need to get it started now. The kit I bought years ago had the helmet completed and came with the canvas belt and holster. I have wanted to do this a long time.....don't wanna screw it up!!
  9. Okay guys finally after sitting in my basement for 7 years I am going to start putting my TK armor together. Unfortunately I did not see this post 8 years ......long ago at an address far away, so I am starting with the ANOVOS kit . I am posting here but am also following the video tutorial on Trooperbay so I know I can get this done right. That being said do any of you have any advice on cutting tools and tools to make things easier? Also will my ANOVOS kit be able to make 501ST standards.? Any help advice or direction you can give me would be great thanks. Jason
  10. Changed my email, can someone help me with how I can change it for my profile. Im having trouble getting into my profile info.
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