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Revvek's F-11D [Anovos] blaster build


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I've had this blaster around for some time and previously started to do some work on it, but never started a build log.

since I'm starting to work on my FOTK and did start a log for that, I figured it was time to star one for this as well. 

and I plan on also start 2 other logs for 2 other blasters.


for my first post, lets start with some unboxing photos! 










and it's built...


ok maybe not yet...


I was surprised by how few parts they chose to make it... just painted and glued together would be a simple build, but I'm not going to do that... 

this needs at lest glowing lights in a few places. The original plan was to try and install a BlastFX setup in it, even though it is solid cast foam parts, but that has changed! The BlastFX is now going to be part of my Imperial Factory printed 5th horseman build. [link to that build to be added once I start it]

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ok, so... as I stated before I was going to do a BlastFX, but seeing as how this thing is SOLID parts. I chose to start making a 3D model of some potions to help me replace them if I where to just destroy them. OR, maybe I would use the 3D printed versions if I needed space inside.


this is the part I started with.




I build a 3D model of it.






adding details bit by bit.







I haven't done anything more with this part since, and with my changes of plan, I may just need to print the end cap, if I overly damage the real one while trying to removing it to hollow out behind the LED windows.  


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  • 2 weeks later...

another part of the blaster that kind of bugged me was the scope.

it's also solid and the mold for the knobs was starting to show signs of wear but the time they pulled mine.


it's not bad but a bit messy... 


and I prefer the versions with a bit of a gap under the knobs so. it was time to build my own scope. 


first I created the knob model



and printed it.



cleaned it







looks good to me.

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While I was at it, I decided I wanted to make the scope see through as well, so I modeled up the tube and other parts. 




then I started to print the tube



and discovered a few issues....

first, even with super high detail STLs my printer can replicate the facets.



then I realized it also printed things to tall. 

this photo is after I scaled Z to compensate. I thin it was 98%



And I noticed what looked like some rings... 



and after paint those rings because CLEAR.

there where waves in the surface...



I spent some time looking into things only to find, my MOAI printer doesn't have any Z calibration, and the heater for it to make this resin work in cold weather was the cause of the ringing waves in the print surface. as it would let things cool down to far and heat up over large enough periods of time to make expansion and contraction of the machine it's self become visible in the print surface...  




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11 minutes ago, Sly11 said:

Nice work Steve, I love your fault finding, it's good information for those new to resin printing.

crazy to think the thing could be effected by temp changes over time

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also started to model what I call the Laser block, to make that one easy to add lights in the windows as well.. but haven't finished it yet.




Also I included holes in the 3 posts to maybe include red lights or lasers pointers behind them.


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