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ULTIMATE F-11D SLA Printed Kit [Build & Mod]


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Hi everyone,
Here's another build of mine out of the fantastic SLA Printed Kit by The Imperial Factory (https://www.facebook.com/ImperialFactory/)
If ever print lines, endless putty & sanding and lost of details due to XTC & sanding was a chore and concern to you. Do check these folks out. As a solution to that problem is here and made available through these kits
Today parts to be primed and ready for some paint! Krylon silver paint was used for the 'chromed' parts.

Model's by The5thHorsemen cd561984ca3739211cd7b47445722206.jpg&key=d978fdb9df65f8d531a3f50af7e0580b40fe048da6892ac0f79e4e23eb2f8567b99ef5e9b5b17db6450af6ee8fa81bce.jpg&key=fc24c39a42b3f4c25887f22828ea7786a42486205b5679cfd56d12e06620c12b368f07010572235c39965bffff7ba2f1.jpg&key=0c8d9ddfdbf4e37f31b34f09fce2f5ac57d3667f0964010912be0e91657bb3847a1c0e3c47a455356edb2a6c964532e7.jpg&key=b565419e8537c441bdc5a50a425bd9809ae54d3cca6844e3ec3e5ef60c02edda501a09392dd0ec20ca52079981ad6092.jpg&key=f8d62cfdd38cd9767ede18ac33b507fb1f04b08e92ac4745bb9fe08e765a4f6c8a3dc97b9c17ab3370fde97ebf997bba.jpg&key=2f55d234364ba01769c4070476ff5df26bec8201f7ac039eb260dc58aadb283ed0479b2eabac7acf81357a1149da1814.jpg&key=a5a61c8b84957a150b943e7bc9d4c0da797efc250021f003f0b9effe420f4a99
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Little mod there to strengthen the structure hence mag magnet part not held together with just glue.

The5thHorseMen was able to solve this by providing me with a model with it being attached to the body. Hence future kits won't need the screws anymore. 83f124ca68c5833097fa358f02afe3ca.jpg86690dc470d3cda0945497edb34ffa2e.jpg714e915de9dc02b9338c8d6584bd5939.jpgab0ce1ae081375366276bea3de23a51c.jpg

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Worked on the scope.

To make a realistic crosshair, you will require fine metal wire. But of course if you don't have access to that like myself, the next finest stuff you might find is on your head. The Hair!

There you go a working replicated scope with crosshair. 4455250d8a60141720a72aeb5ab11561.jpg87afb75e2bfd11e68eb2db434a8243cf.jpg3ed2e4387ee1776d13f38f7dcc16592f.jpg7843eb5a787815269d46e6265a1d172a.jpg2af90b9c4447c21a791c69d9da47af3d.jpgacc09b1b54203e43525ae9c0a3d969b0.jpg

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