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  1. Well it is what it is... Another year 2022... :')'A new hope?' or 'Empire strikes back?'... I kinda lost interest with the First order... But we shall see if it rekindles... Or might just trade it off for whatever Instock store credit they have of any Instock item
  2. 10/10 agree! >:( Would still lost money either way hahaha we got these before the renewal xD
  3. I would believe also more of a they (Anovos) bought the license rights from the mouse under some condition but they failed to meet those condition or maybe can pay for license renewal that's where it went kaput... Or that's what I think it happen haha don't think Disney will casually give out their license :'( Pretty sad though.. How the mighty have fallen
  4. Recoup? I think too late for that I have a feeling they would be filling for bankruptcy any day now... All who pre-ordered like I did... Rest In Peace... #Fooled
  5. Hi feel you Captain. I feel like a clown standing up for Anovos.. many individual say time to cash out... and I'm like give them a chace... I'm the biggest fool for sure :')
  6. Well buddy.. We are all screwed. Early in June, they told me the same thing...please wait, we are escalating it... fast forward to today, the latest reply I got was a 2 word. "Still Pending" Zero fracks and effort is given to us at this point in time. CHEERS ANOVOS....
  7. Sigh... couldn't wait... submitted a refund request but ANOVOS went MIA ahahhaha... Rather take that money and fund for another costume.. hahaha FOTK interest just dropped to zero :')
  8. Hi buddy I believe you are in the wrong thread for this question, but nevertheless I would say the name "Halloween Costumes" would be a obvious red flag that it's not accurate. If you need a proper FOTK (first order stormtrooper) kit at this point in time, there's many you could look for please refer to the supply list here: I would recommend not going anywhere else to get your costume to avoid disappointment But if you are a casual individual who wanna dress up for fun and is not looking for a screen accurate costume then sure, HalloweenCostume.com soft inaccurate armor might just suffice for a Halloween party or just for fun project you have.
  9. sigh I would say poor marketing decision and excuses 1) There's nothing wrong in producing in China, as long as your factory or team and manager are able to hit deadlines. Saying manufacturing in China causes the delay is a whole lot of bull... as look below everything u own "made in china"... LOL they are efficient. Even during the pandemic. 2) Moving everything back to USA.. when the economy is in bad shape.. but China's production has all returned to normal... smartest move? finish the deal and contract with China (as a contract is a contract). Give us our armor after... if you want to move it back to Texas do it after... OMG... you don't need a genius to figure it out.... I can't figure out whats the big idea on the whole "negotiating to get our molds from our Chinese mfg"
  10. Haha thanks for vouching@Sly11 Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  11. For SLA printer printing services, I recommend 'The Imperial Factory'. www.facebook.com/TheImperialFactory/ With permission from Garmin, they have printed a couple of SE44C and F11-D for some troopers
  12. Hey guys, Previously I have trouble finding a high resolution of the crosshair to be printed in HD on stickers as everything elsewhere is in JPEG format. So I decided to draw my own. based on references I found on the white armor (FISD) forum. Sharing it here for all to use/mod. (This is in AI format, so all may size it to whichever sizing required without it getting pixelated) Cheers! Happy Trooping Wilson TK31593 Preview: E11 Ratina Display V1.ai
  13. Nope you are not alone.. Got no news well the first quarter ends March, thus we still have a month to go before they broke yet another promise
  14. You are most welcome buddy! I'm glad to hear your experience with 'The Imperial Factory' was a pleasent one Love the finishes it's beautiful Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  15. Anytime when you need one, do drop a pm or drop our page a message https://www.facebook.com/ImperialFactory/
  16. The final finished F11-D hope you enjoy the built as much as I do. If you would like a kit or engage me for a SLA print, do let me know. Cheers! Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  17. Electric light up mid with small light box hand-built with styrene with reflective aluminum Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  18. Vid of how the magnet works http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/5dec472b4d899/VID_20191123_114609.mp4 Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  19. Flash lights mod makes the light removable with magnets like so. E6000 the battery onto the flashlight like so and the holder like so. Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  20. Damn that look amazing. Especially if it's on me... Lol Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  21. Thanks @Sly11! Yes totally buddy! you should give it a shot! It's amazing!!!
  22. Worked on the scope. To make a realistic crosshair, you will require fine metal wire. But of course if you don't have access to that like myself, the next finest stuff you might find is on your head. The Hair! There you go a working replicated scope with crosshair. Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  23. Little mod there to strengthen the structure hence mag magnet part not held together with just glue. The5thHorseMen was able to solve this by providing me with a model with it being attached to the body. Hence future kits won't need the screws anymore. Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  24. Thanks buddy! Stay tuned for more. Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
  25. Hi everyone, Here's another build of mine out of the fantastic SLA Printed Kit by The Imperial Factory (https://www.facebook.com/ImperialFactory/) If ever print lines, endless putty & sanding and lost of details due to XTC & sanding was a chore and concern to you. Do check these folks out. As a solution to that problem is here and made available through these kits Today parts to be primed and ready for some paint! Krylon silver paint was used for the 'chromed' parts. Model's by The5thHorsemen Sent from my Redmi K20 Pro using Tapatalk
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