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Shepperton Stormtrooper

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I recently purchased a Shepperton Armor kit that was used once.  The previous owner was slightly taller than I am so I am doing some trimming to make it fit.  Question is do you trim from the top or the bottom of the armor pieces?  Or is there someone who can assist with the trimming of this armor so it fits properly?  Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Will attach some photos later of how it looks now.

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Hi Kermit, Welcome to FISD.


Trimming will depend of how your armor fits on you, may be there are some pieces that don't need any trimming.


If you can add some photos of you wearing your armor would be great , so we can see where the trimming is needed.







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Photos will definitely help.


There are a lot of build threads which show how to trim to body size, wouldn't hurt to have a look through some of them.


There have been a couple of SDS builds in the pre approval forum too which have discussed what needs to be upgraded from a standard SDS kit to meet requirements so perhaps have a look there, just look for SDS in the heading of the threads ;) 

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