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7 hours ago, R2BLDRTK said:

I always found it annoying when the 501st changes up the CRL for ‘accuracy’.

The CRLs are ever-evolving.  As new, more detailed images become available we can see things that were just not apparent before.  But, when the CRLs do change, it's no more than once a year and plenty of notice is given in advance (at least here on the FISD).  Also, those who are in the process of a build or have current EI or Centurion submissions at the time they change are exempt ("Grandfathered" in).

As of now, prospective changes will be posted for all members to not only see, but to be actively involved in the process and share their opinions on each issue.

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As Joseph mentioned above, we try not to evolve CRL's dramatically unless they really require it.

Some changes like words that don' make sense or minor oversights will get adjusted when brought to our attention and these happen in the background as they generally won't affect any approval.  Larger items that do change the approvals are discussed with staff and members before they are made as an official change.

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