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Finishing off painting


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Hi all, 


i have primed, painted and finished with a gloss coat using acrylic paint (spray/rattle cans) and I just need some advice on finishing it off to get a high gloss finish. So far I have used 1200 grit and polish which has produced a good shine but I think it can be better. Should I finish it off with 2000 grit?


any advice would be awesome 

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Really depends how many coats of clear you have applied as to how much you can sand, definitely use water and add a little dish washing liquid, helps the paper to glide a little easier and slows clogging. I did sand and polish some of mine but a lot didn't need it I was lucky I got a nice shine of the gun, but I only used 1200 sandpaper and a course buffing compound followed by a smoother compound and novus polish to do the final hand polish. In the auto trade we did finish with 2000 which gave you a slightly better shine but for armor personally I wouldn't bother. 

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