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Stephen walsh

RS left thigh help needed.

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Hi Stephen


Here’s a nice screen used example.




Edited - got your name wrong - my apologies. :-)


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Looks good, Stephen!  One thing to watch out for is those areas that have jagged tips.  Sanding them down smooth will help keep the from snagging/tearing your undersuit.




If you have any more questions (no matter how small or how many) be sure to ask, and photos are a bonus!  We are here to help.

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Looks good to me Stephen. The RS armor has a lot of these odd alignment. I struggled at first as I was trying to get it all to match up perfectly but it just doesn't so you go with the screenshots and references in the gallery for the RS suit. As Joseph has suggested, try to get the sharp edges sanded to a smoother finish so the don't catch on your under suit. One thing I did for the exact same part- I reinforced behind the seam with some scrap PVC/ABS as my thigh parts were really thin in that area.

Also it kind of visually filled in any noticeable gap. :duim:But you made nice clean cuts so you don't have to worry about that.

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