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SoulArt/Geeky Pinks KB TFA Phasma Question and advice thread [emoji175]

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(And potential build thread???? It could happen...)


Hey Silver Siblings!!!!

Welcome to the FISD and our chrome Lady’s build section.

I thought I’d introduce myself first.


My real human name is Teresa. I currently reside in nowhereland Northern Alberta Canada in a small community of 150 people.

I am a very proud member of the Badlands Garrison, and have been since April 2016.

I currently am going into my third term as Garrison PR Officer, and I’m one of the Moderators on the Captain Phasma Costumers Facebook page. I also can be found sewing gaskets, neck seals, harnesses and sexy biker shorts for our First Order Family, Classic TKs, clones, Sandy’s, Snowies, as well as a multitude of other items for a good many costumes. You can find me in the Ongoing Sales and Run section in the Imperial Commissary or on Facebook under Geeky Pinks Phantastic Gaskets.

I answer to TK~41307, Miss Pink, Pinky, Pink Lady, GeekyPink, SoulArt, Snow Queen, Captain Sassy, Teresa and Mom


I joined the Legion with my Authentic Props Stunt TK, Who has been worked on and built to EIB #719 and Centurion #335 levels.

I began work on my Phasma in May of 2016. A very aspiring build for my second costume. I was a newb!

I joined the ranks of Captain on February 28th 2017 as the Legions 9th Phasma.


My kit is an ABS KB Props, with a Jim Tripon Helmet. C3P0 fingers from Shawn Thorsson. Holster clip from Justin Lee Morrison.

All soft goods except pouches on belt (cape, gaskets, neck seal, belt) were made by myself including belt. Pouches were from Jimmi as well.

The finish on the armor is Spectra Chrome. I did the sanding, wet sanding, priming and sanding. The guy at the autobody shop did the actual chroming.


I often can be found here reading and interjecting comments here and there, but mostly I respond privately to people. And help them build. I’m not sure why I’m like a FISD ninja, I guess I didn’t wish to be out in the open helping for fear it looked super pushy. Elitist, Or like bragging. I’ve helped garrison mates build many many classic tks, and helped in my Twins FOTK. I’m also an approved ROTS Royal Guard, Director of Intelligence Ysanne Isard, Governor Ahrinda Pryce, and am tinkering in a Mara Jade, Legacy Fem TK, TFU Black Shadow Guard with full robes and First Order Snowtrooper. The Mara and Legacy require some weight loss before I feel comfortable wearing that skin tight body suit or tailored armor. As a woman, I understand the trials of armor building around a dead thyroid, hormonal weight fluctuations, body parts spilling over the edges of your armor because you just can’t lay off the salt n vinegar chips and dip, female body parts, stress, busy single Hockey Mom life....


I had always thought I’d come back and create my build thread.... help others by my mistakes and trials and build knowledge. Vader knows I certainly took enough pictures throughout. But time has a way of getting away from us, and here I am almost 3 years later and still no thread.

Until today.

Maybe you all will inspire me to get my buttplate in gear and get a build thread up for you.

At the very least, I’m here at the gentle request of my dear TK Twin Pyrates, (who is always trying to get me to help openly instead of privately) and Andrew/Sly to let you know I’m here to offer any help and advice I may have on this particular costume. Or as a female of our species.


Although I cannot guarantee that I will get that build thread created, or be in here 24/7, I will do the best I can for you all.

I will share pictures. Offer Build advice. Vendor info. Sewing and construction advice. Always have a shoulder for you to to cry on when you end up hating her and wish to throw her down the stairs or light her on fire. (It’s true. This happens.) I will always listen. Help you as best as I can. If I do not know the answer of what you seek, I will find you a Phasma that does. I shall try harder to not lurk in the shadows, but be more present, in the hopes to help you all. I’ll add some of my favorite photos and armor bits then go into build stuff as the days go on.


Wishing you all happy building and trooping!






 Now for some armor bits just laying around in my phone. Mostly upper body. Cod, boot, etc. Ill clean this up later and organize it by body section.


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YESSSS FINALLY - Awesome job my TK Twin!!! So many will benefit from this - Thank you!!!

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YESSSS FINALLY - Awesome job my TK Twin!!! So many will benefit from this - Thank you!!!

I know.... I know.... I’m finally here...

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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