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Fitting and strapping guidelines?

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Hello, my name is Edward from Garrison Tyranus. I’m doing a Deathtrooper build and I had some general fitting questions. Is there a guide on how each piece should fit? I have 3D printed parts from Armor Shop and they are  incredibly strong and well-made. But I can’t quite figure out how to attach the shoulder bells without them flopping either to the rear or the front. Any tips? Also, what is a “return edge”? 





Legion ID 60086

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Hello and welcome to the forums.


Return Edge - Lip normally found on moulded parts


Image result for whitearmor return edge


Strapping - general layout


Image result for whitearmor justjoseph strapping


Arm strapping


Image result for whitearmor arm strapping


Image result for whitearmor shoulder bell strapping


Hope those help


BTW if you are an approved 501st member you can request higher access here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/?page=264&tab=comments#comment-636191


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G’day Edward

That’s the Rogue One Death Trooper?

The folks over at the SpecOps Detachment might be well placed to assist with your strapping and build questions they specialise in that costume, amongst others.




Sent from my DH77 using Tapatalk

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