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Off duty uniform

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Bear in mind that anything featuring any logo from any 501st unit will need to be cleared as a merchandising item by the appropriate unit commander. Eg if it has a dune sea logo on it it will need to be okayed by the dune sea CO.

Failure to comply with this is not wise.

However there’s nothing stopping you adding e siting Merch items, such as patches, to other clothing items.

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in our squad we have a black military style shirt with black/silver patches of our squad and our garrison on the shoulders. Additionally our name badge and/or command patch on the chest and small colored strands on the epaulette, depending which rank you have.

Our TK-ID is stitched in the collar.




I suggest you talk with your unit's leader about a uniform run. If there's no existing design you can probably come up with a simple one, like we did. ;)
I just assume you're a 501st member, otherwise ther will be no way for you to get that uniform...
(If you are, please request 501st access here!)

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