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RS armour set


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Me and a friend got a set of RS armour in the black friday sales and they came together in the same box. I've ended up with two outer right thighs and two left inner thighs.

What other bits have a left and right side? I've got a bicep with thumb print for left side and there is not one for the right. I'm not sure about shins, forearms, shoulder bells or outer biceps.

We got it mixed up and want to get the right parts for each set.

Thank you.


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Only the left bicep should have the indent. Shoulder bells are slightly different L/R on most kits. Shins and thighs as well. Really everything except the torso as it’s quite asymettrical.

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Firstly, congratulations on getting your RS armour, it’s great to work with and looks fantastic when completed.

Forearms... left has 11 indents
Right has 12 indents,
The inner forearms ... right has a scoop on the inside, where your elbow goes, it’s also longer than the outer piece ... also the front cover strip fits on the ridge , which makes it stand out more, the back of the armour doesn’t have ridges


Biceps.... the left inside bicep has the dint in it , the right inside doesn’t have a dint


Shoulder bells.... the left shoulder Bell is the one that has the little curve at the bottom of the raised ridge, the curved bit faces forward


Left thigh trimmed, right thigh un-trimmed


The greaves/ shins are the same for the left and right leg

This was my RS armour when I got it


And this is what it can end up like



Hope this helps, any more questions, just ask


Stephen :)

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