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Bicep Hook tutorial


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When I was working on my build WIP, I'd bookmarked a Bicep Hook tutorial by SimPIXELS.
Got a bit of time so returned to it and it won't load.
Checked to see if it's been replaced but can't find anything else.

Anyone got measurements and method for the hooks before I go for trial and error?





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Honestly, I just eyeballed it. My hooks (pre-bend) were ~1cm x 4cm, bent the top cm or so and then glued roughly in the middle of the inside of the bicep and that worked pretty well. If you are going for 100% screen accuracy best to ask the experts.

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Hope I’m not too late mate:
Bicep hooks:

I used a piece of cover strip abs
3/4” wide by 4” long


Mark one end in two segments 1” long, once done trim and sand the edges of the piece so it doesn’t fray the elastic.


Break out a heat gun, and have another piece of abs cover strip available to help form the abs when it’s malleable.


Heat up the abs, keeping 4” to 8” away, I highly recommend having some heat resistant gloves to avoid burning yourself.


You will see the abs start to soften, once this starts to happen, place your other piece of abs on the warm abs and begin to fold it over. Take your time shaping the abs into position, and I highly recommend doing a few practice runs.


Once you have the hook shaped, it can be tightened up applying some more heat, and a ruler.



Next heat the abs again to shape the bicep hook to match the contours of your bicep.






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