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RS Forearm trimming questions

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Hi all, this is my first time into a TK build and I what a few questions regarding the forearm trimming.

I am working with the RS propmasters kit and I have read some of the topics on this forum but a few things aren't quite clear to me yet, hope you guys can help me out:



Do I need to cut the wrist end of the arms straight? (red line, but than ofcourse following the shape of the arm, not this very horizontal line in photoshop) Or leave them like it is now?

I now followed the edge from the mold. I think that I should make a straight edge but I just want to be sure about this.

Also; do I need to cut out the half circle at the back to give my arm more space? I have seen it on some forearms but I can't find a good ref.


The infamous longer right forearm of RS: I know to cut the wrist part, but do I cut it like this?;


What about the back piece? Where do I need to cut that?

There is no hard line of where the "return edge" stops and the arm piece begins. Is my pencil line correct?





And sometimes I see people use only the outside coverstrip but sometimes also a strip on the inside, what is common to do with the RS kit?

These forearms are giving me a lot of headache hahah. But its nice to have some progress!


Hope you guys can help so I can troop with you guys soon,



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Hi Ruben, first thing have you got a build thread going yet it would be a more open forum for people to view comment and advise going forward, have you touched base with your local garrison ?? 

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You should be able to trim the forearms down as needed, Ruben.  The return edges can be removed at both ends, and you can cut out the half circles to allow for a better fit and range of motion.  Otherwise they would be cutting into you while bending your arm.  I suggest checking out Cricket's Centurion submission photos for a better idea:   http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40971-tk-10401-requesting-anh-stunt-centurion-status-rs-316/

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it looks like you might be taking a bit much off the inner fore arm top return ??, but have a look in the build forum there are quite a few rs builds along with mine to aid you Crickets especially  is very well documented  and detailed 

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