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All of those who create armor molds are striving to create something that looks exactly like that which we have seen on the big screen. So, unless someone has actually witnessed someone else creating molds from someone else armor then how can they accuse that person of recasting. Even if all of the dimensions are the same. If the person making the molds acheved this then they did a great job. I'm quite sure there are several different ways to recast. That in it self could be a job . Here is a good question. If someone has a set of armor. Takes really good measurements of it , then carves some new molds to those measuments. Is that a recast? Would that be a copy? Not recast? The person would be making the molds by his or her own hand. I'm just trying to figure out what constitutes a recast.

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Recast is the exact copy of someone other's work. It's not that hard to tell, I mean we don't have a 3D Scan or something, so you might get close to the on screen armor by sculpting your own molds but it will never be exactly the same unless you cast it from an original armor. RS and CfO did that and if you compare their kits to others You will see lots of tiny differences. (For example that one of the abdomen buttons on the RS has a different size...)

These are only nuances, but if you're into the materia, you'll recognize it. So if somehow another kit hits the market and has this exact one smaller button on the belly - I'd say it's at least suspicious ;)
But if you only use another's armor for size reference - I guess it's fine. As long as you don't copy his work.

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