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Is there any way to update the Search feature on this board?  As the search function is now, any words that are three letters or less are excluded from searching.  This has given me lots of headaches during my research on the boards.

For example, if I do a search of "RS Props", the search function tosses out the RS portion because it's less than three letters, even if I have it in quotes.  So all results contain the word "props", but not necessarily RS.  Or a search for "ATA", looking for info regarding ATA armor is impossible because it's just three letters.


If I do a search of "ab trimming", I only get results for "trimming".  Can't successfully search for how to modify the cod because "cod" is three letters.  

Or is there a super secret trick for getting the search feature to include words that are three letters or less?  Help, please!

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 I have had this problem too and it's extremely frustrating. One workaround I have used: google.


 If you type in what you're searching for then end it with site:whitearmor.net, it will do a search but only on whitearmor.net. The same goes for any website you type in, it only searches the specified website.


 For instance: ATA armor site:whitearmor.net


 I had to use it to research ab buttons, AM 2.0 builds, looking for ear information, etc, etc.

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