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ROTJ reinforcement for Austria & the Empire

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Hi girls and boys!


This is my first Build Thread, but before I start, very warm THANKS to Paul of Troopermaster!!!! It is a really, really nice armor!! Thank you very much!!!! :jc_doublethumbup:


I try to get centurion level, so I need your help to make my dreams come true! Every hint is helpful and useful for me :)

and here the most important and first picture (sorry for the twistet pic. I don't know how to turn it right. I tryed everything ...):



After unpacking an sorting out it looks much better...(except the twistet pic :/)


don't wonder, the armor lies mirrored. So the left side is on the observers left side (oh, my english is aweful ... :blink: )


I started trimming with the upper arm and left only a small return edge (about 2mm).





I think it looks quite good ...


now trimming the forearm (without retourn edge on the front side)





meanwhile the upper arm and the forearm are finished and they fit very well post-19058-0-47375500-1462310630_thumb.jpg

there is no space for more pictures :huh: but i'll show it later...


greets Markus

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So, here is a Link cause 58 pictures load up here would be insanity :P . I hope it works. If not, please let me know ...





The pictures show my working process for the left forearm. But it is also the working process of the upper arms, shins and tighs and so on ...

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this is the left shin:



and here is the right shin:



After nearly every step I tryed shins on to see if they fit or not. Measuring, drawing a line, cutting and sanding the edges to get them smooth (as shown in the fotos of the forearm :) ). I wrote "don't glue !velcro!" on the backside of the shin to do not glue the wrong side - it's only a note for me :duim:


next time I will glue the velcro - until then ...

may the force be with you!

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Looking good so far :duim:


Don't try to be too exact with the measurements. Some of the overlaps may not be entirely straight so the widths can vary slightly. A small return edge is allowed on the wrists of the ROTJ armour. I personally trim it off because I have quite big hands and wear XL gloves, but I leave the return on the ridge detail just to give the illusion of a return edge.


Looking forward to more updates soon :)

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Thank you, Paul!


Ok, indeed it is difficult for me but I'll try to be not too exact ;)


I desided to assambling the thighs before glueing the velcro on the calfs. Here again some pictures of the left thigh (enjoy ;P and feedback, please):




it was indeed difficult to fix the glued front of the tigh. I hope it will hold.

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Hello everybody again!

Today I investigated about the sniper knee plate. Here is my result of it:


I have not glued but brought into position with the clambs. Hope it looks good so far :huh:
Maybe I rivet them tomorrow. Are the rivets for CEN-level painted white, or shall I let them raw? There is nothing described in CRL ... :mellow:


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Sorry Markus, I wrote something thinking you had ANH armour, but then deleted it because it wasn't relevant ;)


Ah, understand! No problem ;)

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Two days ago I finished glueing the right tigh and fixed the velcro on the left calf (one piece). Velcro worked better than excepted :duim:  I hope it sticks. Photos of it you can see here:


right tigh



left calf




So, now I will try to rivet the sniper plate.

Greets, Markus

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Yes, that was a bad mistake to glue the shins before gluing the velcro :huh: It works laborious, but it works ;)


befor I'll rivet the sniper plate I have a question: is it possible to glue the front of the sniper plate for more support? I know that it isn't screenaccurate, but nevertheless will I get CEN-status?

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Yesterday I finished the right tigh :duim: . Here the results:



and also glued the second velcro on the left shin (The squirrel has a hard time feeding itself :blink: )




I riveted some plastic only to see for me how it works. It works fantastic and 'test-riveting' was successful! It looks good to me :jc_doublethumbup::P



Ok, Paul! Now I'll risk it to rivet the shin. Please pray for me that it works as well as my 'test-riveting' :huh:


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So, .... sniper plate is finished now. Worked fanstastic!!!!




The only thing that annoy me is that i didn't protect the shin armor before setting the first rivet, cause I slipped with the rivet pliers and scratched the shin armor. Now there is a 3cm long scratch. But otherwise it worked fantastic :D


So notice for everyone: protect armor before riveting anything ;)

greets, Markus

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First test-fitting successful:



The ammo belt on the right tigh, velcro on the left shin and the white sole of the boots are still lacking. But I'll try to assemble the ammo belt in the evening today. The first velcro is already glued:



greets, Markus

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Now I trimmed the flexible U shaped gasket around the edges of the chest.




can anybody help me with "how to glue" the gasket? Shall I do it with the E6000?


greets, Markus

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