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TK-56072 Requesting ESB EIB Status [NE][558]

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Name =                                    Omar Treyes

501st TK ID =                           56072

FISD Forum Name =                RoninTK72

Garrison =                                Golden Gate Garrison

501st Legion Member link =     http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19993&costumeID=126



Mandatory Information

·         TK Style =                     Empire Strikes Back

·         Armour Maker =           NE

·         Helmet Maker =            NE

·         Blaster Type =              Hyperfirm with M38 Scope (Resin)




·         Height =   5' 5”

·         Weight =  165 pounds

·         Boots: Original Bass Boots from Amazon.com (converted to white)

·         Canvas Belt:  TKittel (FISD)

·         Decals:  Re-purposed decals from NE kit

·         Gloves:  Alaskan Bear Black 100% silk gloves from Amazon.com

·         Hand Plates (ESB):  NE (came with the kit)

·         Helmet Fans:  Evil Boy (FISD)

·         Helmet Pads: Home made

·         Holster:  FISD sale thread, real thick leather, converted ANH to ESB style

·         Mic System:  Pyle PMEM1 mic from Amazon.com and AKER amplifier (donated from garrison friend)

·         Neckseal:  Home made

·         Strapping System (Center Core):   Mr.NoStripes (FISD)

·         Strapping System (Arms & Legs):  Home made (velcro and snaps)

·         Strapping System (Waist Belt): Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement belt from Amazon.com

·         TD Clips:  UKSWrath (FISD)

·         Undersuit:  Vintage one piece all black no logos from my closet 



Team Build Thread on FISD:  http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33467-team-armor-build-ne-esb-in-northern-california/page-1








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Hovi mic tip details (taken from 11/11/2015).   We forgot to take close up picture during this photoshoot


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Hey Omar. my fellow GGG brother. Thank you for your patience and EIB submission, let's get started. 

CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All photos are present and your armor represents all necessary elements to qualify for EIB. With that Sly and myself would like to congratulate and welcome you to "Expert Infantry"         :salute:  Great job!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section we would point out areas we feel may need a little work to improve the overall look of your armor. Looks like the Nor Cal build crew have been hard at work again with another fantastic set of armor. If we had any suggestions it would be to maybe try moving up the kidney and ab assembly a bit. This will help relieve the stress on the upper back connections also allowing the butt plate to fall beneath the kidney instead of overlapping it.


Great Job! Looking forward to trooping together some time.

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