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Ready to wrap myself in PLASTIC! ~ WTF build~

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I skipped the 45 angle on cover strips as well ;)

Stien, I think I can still do 45 degree, if not I can form up some more , or bug Walt for some, he's good at sending replacement parts :) whole Ab section for me, seems as tho I got carried away split riveting and riveted BOTH sides of the Ab and Kidney...sent me an instructional video as well....for special people like me :)

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your not right.....guys don't give your cell number to this nut job.....texts every day   

nice job   keep going

I am NOT right!! normal is boring. So I was texting Walt today a "DAILY" thing..as I **cough** normally do( I'm lonely ) and Walt says " nice build thread" like he says every day!! a subtle hint to get moving, in all honesty true believers, I got carried away on the build from the last point. a few photos to show how it all happened.





the shoulder straps, came formed on a curve, was kind of nice ,mentioned that they looked off....he makes a new mold!!! what a guy!!!





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problems I have run into for my small frame, the butt plate, is for BIG butt people :) needs to be heated I think and brought in a bit, and I'm having an issue with the chest and back plates they ride very high, long torso not helping, possibly tweak the shoulder straps?

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A 5'8' friend stopped over today had some fun playing dress up... :)






he made fun of my little gun :(


So I gave him this...short guys like BIG guns? I guess :)


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Ya.... Hey guys. He is done with the build and I have pics. He is just toying with you. Lol

No sir Walt, I still have to finish the Awesome belt, holster, do the gloves, Ab buttons, paint up the split rivets!!! sheesh don't rush this!!


In all seriousness, I did get carried away once the white started going on I honestly got carried away, had a ball, and it was a super kit to build for my first TK.

I'm feeling I'm a tiny bit tall for this kit though...I feel it looks much better on my buddy than myself.




Hard for a trooper after they blew up two Death Stars!!! Forced to set Pizza for stun :)

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