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    well....Anything Star Wars, tinkering, cars, aircraft, music and helping others. I also like viewing all the great creativity of so many talented people!!!

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  1. Keep up the great work!! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  2. Great stuff Stein keep up the good work!!
  3. No sir Walt, I still have to finish the Awesome belt, holster, do the gloves, Ab buttons, paint up the split rivets!!! sheesh don't rush this!! In all seriousness, I did get carried away once the white started going on I honestly got carried away, had a ball, and it was a super kit to build for my first TK. I'm feeling I'm a tiny bit tall for this kit though...I feel it looks much better on my buddy than myself. Hard for a trooper after they blew up two Death Stars!!! Forced to set Pizza for stun
  4. A 5'8' friend stopped over today had some fun playing dress up... he made fun of my little gun So I gave him this...short guys like BIG guns? I guess
  5. problems I have run into for my small frame, the butt plate, is for BIG butt people needs to be heated I think and brought in a bit, and I'm having an issue with the chest and back plates they ride very high, long torso not helping, possibly tweak the shoulder straps?
  6. Ok, mind you I am 6'2" 190 lbs and this is where I got carried away..
  7. I am NOT right!! normal is boring. So I was texting Walt today a "DAILY" thing..as I **cough** normally do( I'm lonely ) and Walt says " nice build thread" like he says every day!! a subtle hint to get moving, in all honesty true believers, I got carried away on the build from the last point. a few photos to show how it all happened. the shoulder straps, came formed on a curve, was kind of nice ,mentioned that they looked off....he makes a new mold!!! what a guy!!!
  8. Stien, I think I can still do 45 degree, if not I can form up some more , or bug Walt for some, he's good at sending replacement parts whole Ab section for me, seems as tho I got carried away split riveting and riveted BOTH sides of the Ab and Kidney...sent me an instructional video as well....for special people like me
  9. Hi all, Quite a few days have passed, and I've been caught up getting a couple other kits in for approval but I got a small bit of work done this weekend. So far that's where we are. Walt thanks!!This kit is nice to assemble the customer service is a bit snarky tho...lol more work on it this week!! I'd be glad to get any specific detail pics just let me know. ( legal disclaimer ) this build is not valid in all fifty states, certain rules and conditions may apply. If you notice any swelling or rash, see your health care provider as soon as possible. WTF FTW
  10. I got a bit rushed, and I'm not very happy with my return edges, No problem with the kit it's the assembler in this case Maybe some more sanding, but the arms are together, working on the legs.
  11. Thanks guys, Kevin, thanks for the input, Great Armor thanks again, for all the hard work you put into this character in the beginning!! I believe you are right Brian got approved TODAY... Like I said up top..tailor's machine broke..was trying hard to get in there , should be done this week and in for approval. I have whole build thread on ACD .
  12. I started a TK build a while ago, then my GF came to visit from out of town for two weeks, and then... THIS project became a priority, I figured I'd show why the delay. The first I.T.T. variant just got approval today, congrats to Brian Kim he has a great build thread on ACD as well. I was trying to get in first but cursed sewing and tailor technical difficulties slowed my efforts. This is a Fierfek helmet kit, and KWD Armor kit "TEST FITTING" pretty happy with the progress so far.
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