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TIP: A better black for vocoders

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I discovered MODEL MASTERS Semi Gloss black works perfectly for the vocoder. You can find it in most hobby stores. It flows on nice and is just thick enough to cover in one coat like it should. Just thought I'd pass this info along if you are painting your bucket.



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I found another great model paint for the vocoder:

Tamiya's Black X-1 Acrylic paint is outstanding for the same reasons...

model TAM81001

Acrylic X1 Black

Used it on my AP's vocoder.


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"Semi-gloss" = "satin", which is what the black bits should be painted. It doesn't really matter which satin/semi-gloss black paint you use, so long as it works for you and you can get your desired results from it. This is a good thread for people to post the paints they've found that work for them. :)


Testors makes semi-gloss blacks in both enamel and acrylic unde rthe ModelMaster label. Tamiya makes an acrylic, too. Humbrol has an enamel. Those will probably be the most easily found, but there are others. :)



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