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Stormtrooper Armor For Beginner

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Hello friends,


I am looking for a Stormtrooper armor that can be custom made to fit me perfectly, and that will be ready to wear once I buy it.

I do not have the time nor the experience to create one myself sadly enough :(


I hope someone here can help me.


It is NOT my intention to join the 501st. So it's okay if it's not 501st accepted.


So I am looking for the follow:


- A custom made armor that will fit me perfectly

- Ready to wear so NO assembly stuff :P

- A contact person who I can ask to make this


Cheers from Holland


Thomas :smiley-sw013:

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Hey man. The best advice I can give is to check out the Getting started thread.

They have alot of good info there from were to start, who to avoid nd what armor kits aer good for what body builds.


so head over to the link and browse around!


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Thanks guys!

I got helped at another forum on this site, people suggested the RS Prop Masters. I checked out their site and the armor looks amazing! And they make them to fit perfectly and will be ready to wear once I receive it! I don't have the money to buy an RS one yet, but I will save up my money and buy one!

I read that their armor is 501st approved so maybe I will join The Dutch Garrison once I have my armor. The 501st do amazing things for other people so it is good to give something to the people by doing something I love.


Thanks for the quick answer guys! this community is really awesome!


If I have more questions in the future I will definitely come here! The help you get here is great!


Thanks again for the fast replies!


God bless, and may the force be with you all!


Cheers from Holland,



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I've seen that happen a bunch of times since I joined in June-ish, somebody comes looking for answers. They want the costume, but not the 501st part of it. Then they see how awesome the 501st is, and they want to join! The armorers here are a better deal than if you are looking to join or not, glad you decided to go with RS. Force be with you too.

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