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  1. Most seemed pleased with the The Force Awakens Stormtroopers that were at Celebration Anaheim, pictures of those can be found here. Also, I've heard that the quality of the Star Trek stuff has been very good, it was mentioned somewhere in that big Anovos thread in the hard armor section mentioned above.
  2. That's a 38" waist around the belly button, not the normal pant wait line correct? It makes a big difference on some.
  3. Wait, you have to pay for customs to look through your stuff?? May I've just been lucky, but I've never had to pay for that here in the US. I've never ordered anything large from overseas either.
  4. Well I forgot where I was, I only should have expected support? Well thanks, I'm hoping anybody that is unsure sees this thread as well.
  5. Alright thanks, I would say after a certain point in size, shims would be necessary anyway. Does this apply to centurion as well? I just didn't recollect any larger people with the badge, or in the first page of the EIB requests.
  6. OK, so this is gonna sound awful so I'll just say it. I was looking through EIB requests to see how big one could be do achieve this knighted status. For some reason half of the pictures come up as numbers.jpg, so maybe there are, but I didn't see any larger people. So what I'm asking is... can a more obtuse person achieve EIB? Now, I myself am not small. I could be thinner, sure, and that is only my fault and it's something I'm working towards, but my build won't allow me to ever be "small". Anyway, if the proportions were correct, would a larger person be able to get the badge of honor that is EI status? Let's try to keep opinions out, and if someone could answer me objectively, it would be better. This goes along with a post I saw recently about trying to get more people to go EIB and Centurion. This may be one of the hurdles keeping people from doing so. It seems most of the kits to be EIB capable, so hopefully motivation like mentioned before will help. So anyway, thanks in advance, hopefully this goes well.
  7. Aw sorry man, I just posted in another thread hoping you would get this today. If it goes on a few days longer, Is it the kind of thing you can call and ask about?
  8. Oh boy! Can you settle for close enough and still wearable? Are you going to 501st membership? Try to read/research as much as you can before asking some questions, all of the pinned topics for sure. then do you have to ask yourself some questions; 1. How much time/simoleons are you willing to spend. 2. what body type are you, (average, American average, small, short, big, tall). Those first two things will guide you towards the armor you want. 3. Most people "build" the armor themselves, but a few armorers offer to build it for you. How do you want this done? Check out some builds threads of the different armors as well, look for some recent threads too as some armorers have changed their product. Seeing you're in the UK, shipping costs will be a lot more as well, but they have great armorers there and not just in the U.S. Although there is one guy on here that got AM 2.0, hopefully you get it from customs today! (artshot I think) Good luck and research!
  9. Hey guys, It sounds like the same root cause of people asking the same questions over and over again, when they are already established in a 1st page thread. As an example, multiple Anovos threads asking the same one or two questions. Most genuinely want to contribute, but some just want to get their answers. If I see people asking questions, where the answers are easy to find, I try to post the link there instead of handing out the info. I'm pretty sure in the getting started thread it says to not do what you are complaining about. Also, I was with my family yesterday and my 16 year old sister was showing me something on her tablet and the content between her and her friends may be part of it. It seems all of the younger people, (I'm only 23, so I mean teenagers/pre-teens)are putting out content that was really only about themselves. Not all, but most were just statements relating to what they thought about something, and not so much a contributing response to move the flow of the conversation. I guess what I'm trying to say is, it can't be fixed and it is the way media seems to be moving, especially in the younger crowd, (including myself this time). Regardless if it is wanted, you put your thoughts out there, even if it doesn't contribute and add new content to the discussion. The poster just assumes it is warranted. Hmm, Yes I realize I just did the things I explained. But if you guys figure out how to stop Dan's issue, you should maybe give a crack at solving the world's problems as well!
  10. Also, there are so many threads here already answering almost all questions about all of the armor makers. Here is much of the info about the Anovos stuff, there may be a few other threads to find with some other info. Good luck with your kit, I know Anovos will be different, but check out the build threads so you know the work involved in building your armor, (like what tools are needed, boots,accessories). http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30831-anovos-tk-armor-preorder/page-29#entry409979 Good luck in deciding, do it soon before the price jumps up again!
  11. Check out this site if you are going for a TD, http://www.mepd.net/ If not already mentioned, make sure the you can take the AB buttons off the the armor for the TD
  12. Check out this thread. A history of all Anovos info we have so far http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/30831-anovos-tk-armor-preorder/page-29#entry409038 There may be a little bit of info elsewhere but most of it is there. Nothing is acceptable out of the box, the wearer has to make it acceptable. Haha, no hand-outs, the best things have to be worked for! Ask questions, but try to do a little research first in all of the topics. It'll help with the understanding of how everything all comes together in this hobby's world. Also, it'll save time on answering questions that have been asked many many times before.
  13. Would keeping it a 3 piece keep it thicker in some spots with the vac-forming? You know what I mean, less stretching? I've never heard of any complaints with the dome/ sides/back being thin in these forums though.
  14. In regards to you not having the correct sniper plate, some people got two of the same shins a while back and it was promptly corrected, it seems like you should have no problems getting the correct piece. Good luck, if you haven't already contacted him. Also, assuming you bought it from the AM 2.0 guy himself.
  15. Just to get it straight, the original full suit kit still comes with an completed bucket right? It's only the bucket only version that has a kit option?
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