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  1. Aah thanks for the advice Well yes maybe in the future she will be a Clone Trooper, I definitely would love to have Clone Trooper Armor (Not in pink tho haha ) Thanks again guys!!
  2. Thanks for the quick answer! No she is not planning on joining the 501st But thanks for the quick explanation, we appreciate the help! Cheers from Holland!
  3. Hello friends! I am here to ask a question on behalf of my girlfriend. Can you color paint a Stormtrooper armor? (she has an ABS Armor from RS Prop Master) She wants to paint it in (maybe you already guessed it) PINK or light pink It wouldn't be my choice, but I am already happy my girlfriend loves Star Wars to We would like to know what you need to do to paint an armor, in a good/professional way. I hope you guys can help us! Cheers from Holland, And may the force be with you!
  4. Thanks guys! Sorry Mathias, I just wanted to make sure I read something up to date, thanks for the information
  5. Hello guys! My name is Thomas, I have a question, I am saving money to buy the RS Prop Masters Stormtrooper armor. But I am stuck in choosing if I should go with ABS or PVC? My goal with the armor is: - To wear it regularly (Not trooping, just wearing for fun) - To wear it outside ( I live in Holland so there is sun, but its not super hot, so it should not affect the armor to much I hope ) - To wear it while (hopefully) making fan movies etc. I hope anyone can give me tips of what to choose, I want to use my armor a lot and of course hopefully don't run into to much trouble or damage with it. Thanks in advance! Kindest Regards Thomas Janson Holland
  6. Thanks guys! I got helped at another forum on this site, people suggested the RS Prop Masters. I checked out their site and the armor looks amazing! And they make them to fit perfectly and will be ready to wear once I receive it! I don't have the money to buy an RS one yet, but I will save up my money and buy one! I read that their armor is 501st approved so maybe I will join The Dutch Garrison once I have my armor. The 501st do amazing things for other people so it is good to give something to the people by doing something I love. Thanks for the quick answer guys! this community is really awesome! If I have more questions in the future I will definitely come here! The help you get here is great! Thanks again for the fast replies! God bless, and may the force be with you all! Cheers from Holland, Thomas
  7. Thanks for the quick answer! I do not have the money yet to buy an RS one but I checked out their site and it looks amazing and they will make it so that it will fit perfectly to my sizes So I am going to save up money and buy one from RS! This forum community is amazing! everybody helps each other it is nice to see! The RS Armor is 501st approved if I'm right so maybe I will join The Dutch Garrison once I receive my armor. The work the 501st do is truelly amazing and hearth warming! Thanks for the quick answer guys! God bless and may the force be with you all! Cheers from Holland Thomas
  8. Hello friends, I am looking for a Stormtrooper armor that can be custom made to fit me perfectly, and that will be ready to wear once I buy it. I do not have the time nor the experience to create one myself sadly enough I hope someone here can help me. It is NOT my intention to join the 501st. So it's okay if it's not 501st accepted. So I am looking for the follow: - A custom made armor that will fit me perfectly - Ready to wear so NO assembly stuff - A contact person who I can ask to make this Cheers from Holland Thomas
  9. Okay so from what I've read, Jedi-Robe/Stormtrooper-Costumes is NOT good. Is it a good armor if you're not looking to joint the 501st, because I am just looking to buy an Stormtrooper armor READY TO WEAR , and I am NOT looking for an armor to join the 501st. So my question is: Is the armor good if you just want to have an acceptable armor. If not can anybody give me a good armor seller who makes custom fit to wear armor, that is ready to wear, so no KIT. Cheers from Holland, Thomas PS, my question mark doesn't work on my keyboard so that's why their are no question marks in the questions
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