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Holster and Rifle?


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Question for you guys and girls. I just bought an amazing T-21 and plan on trooping with it as a HWT. My question is if I have the pauldron, ammo pouches and T-21 can I still have a holstered E-11? The CRL lists the E-11 as an option so my thinking was a HWT would carry multiple guns just because he is a badass so can I wear the holstered E-11? I could easily get a new canvas belt to switch out from TK to HWT but I was just wondering.


Your thoughts?

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Technicaly... I would say yes. You could have a holstered E-11, since the CRL says its optional, but it dont specify how many guns you can carry.

The standard TK can have a DLT and a holstered E-11, so I dont see why the HWT shouldnt be able to do the same ;)

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Keep in mind that you have to wear ammo pouches on your belt, looks good with one on each side...


Put them on and off to switch between HWT and TK could be a little bit tricky. And I think it wouldn't look good to wear a pouch and the holstered E-11 on one side.


Just my opinion.

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A T-21 on the back, using its sling. E-11 in holster on one side. SE-14 holstered on the other. DLT in left hand and Rocket launcher in the right.

And dont forget the binoculars around your neck ;)

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