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ANH Stunt ATA re-Build part 1


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I am so glad I found this thread because I'm a newbie who's in the same situation you found yourself in.


Is using a heat gun the best way to remove E6000 vs putting the part in the freezer to pull apart? I have some parts I need widening (luckily without any shimming required) and I would prefer to avoid having every piece fall apart using the freezer method.

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I would not recommend using a heat gun as there is the risk of deformation when pulling apart the armor while its heated. Freezing works and safer but many builders here have be successful with carefully pulling apart the seam or running a blade in between (be really careful with this one) the joint to cut the glue. E6000 IS really forgiving and after you have the seam apart, it takes some time to "rub" off the remainder of the glue, but it does come off.

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