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HOWTO: Create a Finger Trigger - ROM / FX

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Hi Everybody,


Well I promised I'd share a few of the things I came up with on my trip along the way to my finished TK. However, these will work with any costume if running a ROM/Fx unit.


The first one is for a finger trigger. This is for the additional buttons on the ROM/FX Pro. The unit comes with three tactile triggers for additional sounds like a blaster or radio chatter effects etc.


I asked about I no one came up with really good way of attaching them to yourself. I considered fitting them to my belt and ab-plate but decided a removable option would be better for me.


The general way was for just wrapping electrical tape around them and sticking them to your fingers. I wanted something a bit better than that, so came up with the idea of inserting the trigger into a ring. My first attempt was to insert it into a "girls" fashion ring (solid plastic ring). This worked fine but the ring was quite chunkey and you could spot the ring through the glove if you looked for it. However, this proved it could work and just needed refining.


Hence version two:




What you need:


The leads that came with the ROM/Fx or make up some new ones (wire / trigger and jack plug).

1 sewing finger shield. Hobbycraft in the UK £1.50ish. Maybe Hobby Lobby in the US, else a sewing shop.


Solder & iron.

Electrical Multimeter.

Some electrical tape.


Picture one:


Finger shield and trigger.



First: Remove the trigger from the original lead, else make up a new lead and leave the trigger off the end.


Second: Prep the finger shield for the trigger. Drill a small hole in the position where you want the trigger to go. To do this, try the shield on and feel where the best place is for you to get the trigger to "click". Keep opening out the hole and then file it out square for a nice fit.




Third : Superglue the trigger into the shield so the top section just protrudes. DO NOT GET ANY GLUE ON THE BUTTON AREA ITSELF. It will glue the trigger open or shut and it is then useless.




Fourth: Cut the two terminals off on the side you don't want. If you want the trigger on you left hand, first finger, then chop of the terminals on your little finger side. This means the wires run up the outside of your finger and into your glove. It doesn't matter really which side you cut off, it will still work, but I have made mine "handed" so I know which goes on which hand. Fold the lugs back out of the way. Now your ready to solder the wires.




Glued in and soldered.






Now check the continuity of the trigger, i.e. if it works. Either by an electrical meter or try it in the ROM.


Once you know it works ok, I finished mine off with electrical tape to cover the solder, keep the two terminals seperate, keep the wires running where I wanted them and reduce the shields internal width so it fitted my finger snug.




This should fit into your glove and through the trigger guard of your blaster. No one will know it is there. You can shake hands no problem. Just don't do a full on "He-Man" squeeze grip, else one will trigger.


Hope this explains the process ok, and someone finds it usefull.


It is very effective and not that hard to do. They are removable and do not interfere with the armour.


Cheers for now,



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GREAT system you have devised, Julian. I just used my RomFX at a troop and only taped the sensors to my fingers. I kept inadvertantly activating the buttons. I made the mistake of running the wires down my right side and into my right hand- problem is that I am a righty! I really like your solution, hopefully I can find some of those finger guards in the US.



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