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Almost ready to join the ranks of the undead....


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Hello all, I've  been inspired by the Deathtrooper builds here and have been working on my own Dt for a while.

Almost ready to send in the approval photos, but thought I'd share a few pics here and make sure I'm on the right track.post-16204-0-74177300-1389154991_thumb.jpgpost-16204-0-19529900-1389155012_thumb.jpgpost-16204-0-42000500-1389155044_thumb.jpg

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Cool thanks, glad to know i'm doing it right.

I'll be submitting my approval pics this weekend, (Last batch of photo's didn't turnout so well.)


This would be a great kit to make official.

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I printed out a bunch of copies of the TK ref photos, and drew lots of ideas for what the for what the Death trooper could look like.

that was the hardest part, creating a good concept.


Because I live in a desert, I wanted a somewhat mummified look as opposed to a freshly dead zombie.

Thats why I went for more browns and very little blood.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, I took my TK and sanded down the surface, and dremmeled the cracks and gaps.


I used acrylic paint matching the color schemes in this forum and used a sponge to apply it, and than wiped it of with a wet towel.

I did this repeatedly until I had the texture and color I wanted.

The facial prostetic, I made that myself, I have a some mask making skills, and had a very specific look I was going after, and I didn't want  a full mask. I can take the bucket off drink water or eat a snack with out any issues, the bucket on nd rejoin the ranks of the undead.


I took him out to a convention and a zombie walk, the reaction from th epublics been overwhelming. Lots of fun to wear, was it worth sacrificing my TK?

Only time will tell.

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Nicely done. That's an incredible death trooper. I think you won't be sorry, but you can always build another shiny white :)





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